Report suggests Fort Bragg could lose 16,000 jobs

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Fort Bragg could lose 16,000 military and civilian jobs in the next six years under a new projection of the impact of the shrinking defense budget.

The figure is a worst-case scenario and is contained in a draft report by the U.S. Army Environmental Command, according to the Fayetteville Observer.

That report looks at the impact of defense cuts at 30 Army posts. It concluded that Fort Bragg is one of nine large Army installations that could lose 16,000 soldiers and civilians under the most extreme cuts.

The assessment for Fort Bragg shows “significant” damage to the region’s economy, said Michael Walden, an economist at North Carolina State University.

“Fayetteville is essentially a one-company town,” Walden said. “You rise and fall with the military.”

According to Army projections, the region could lose 21,563 jobs if the cuts take place, and the local economy could take a nearly billion-dollar hit.

Fort Bragg is still expected to remain the biggest Army base in the nation.

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Read more: Fayetteville Observer


    • Thomas Noell

      I have a better idea….how about send them to secure our open, over-run southern border. Or maybe securing our sovereign boundary would be a bit “racist” to some in our society.

  • Thomas Noell

    This is what happens when we decimate our military and the defense budget down to 1940 levels. In case that year doesn’t catch your attention, that was also one year prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and a point when the US military strength was ranked 17th in the world. But this is what happens when we ditch peace through strength in favor of hope, change, and social engineering in the military.

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