Virginia man claims FedEx driver urinated in his driveway

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A man claims a FedEx driver urinated in his driveway during a delivery and it was caught on his home surveillance camera, according to WTKR.

Mike Wilson said when he noticed a package in his lawn he wanted to know why it was there and not on his porch. Upon watching his surveillance video, he said he saw a female FedEx driver walk to the passenger side of the truck, squat down behind the open passenger door and urinate in his driveway.

The video shows a puddle in the driveway when the truck leaves. FedEx said in a statement it has “fully investigated this incident” and says the video “clearly shows the water on the driveway dripped from the van’s air conditioning unit.”

Wilson doesn’t buy it though.

“It had a yellow tint to it,” Wilson told WTKR. “I’m 99.9 percent sure.”

FedEx says the reason the delivery driver left the package in the yard was due to being afraid of Wilson’s “large, aggressive dog.”



  • JC364

    Sorry but that wet spot is on the inside of the front tire. There is no way it’s where she urinated.

  • Lisa

    I’m pretty sure she didn’t pee in the driveway considering the wet spot was behind the front wheel. Unless she has an external appendage…or really good aim

  • jamie

    You will not see a yellow tint in moister soaked into concrete. Plus as she was pulling out I noticed the spot was above the length of the tire… doubt she peed up hill….

  • Robin

    No, I don’t think she peed in your driveway. It would have been closer to the grass. And further back.

    • karen

      There is no way that driver peed in your driveway!!!!! Sad that you even have video and still think that………
      You should really check it out before you accuse people of things like that. ……poor lady looked like she may have hurt herself or was feeling dizzy or something

  • Suzanne

    I can’t believe how bad you spell. She probably knew you were watching and that you were to lazy to meet her at the truck and if you have a big dog raising hell, I don’t blame her for laying it where she did. She didn’t throw it. oh and it was condensation.

  • Marilene LaSchiava

    OK woman /man is questionable…ok now why did delivery person take so long behind van? Next why after putting package down on ground did this person stand behind passenger door and kept looking ahead of them and to their right a number of times…like they were looking to make sure no one was looking at them. Also why get in the passenger side of van and sit init for a few sec/min? Even before that they got something off the dash board why and what was it? I actually thought this person was a guy and peed behind the passenger door. I for sure didn’t see anyone squat down. Looked like they were standing the whole time. Top off everything else WHY did it take so long to get a package delivered????

    • Donna

      Apparently you don’t deal with Fed Ex very often. I deal with them every single day and there are many times they sit or stand out in my parking lot as much as 10 minutes before delivering a package or picking one up. There is no way she peed…it is obvious from the location of the wet spot that is was the a/c.

  • Betty

    I watched this over and over. I don’t believe she peed in your driveway. First off she has her shirt tucked in her pants she isn’t a small lady and she doesn’t pull her pants up and down and have time to tuck her shirt back in. Also the fluid is under the truck if she peed it would be over by the door. She scanned your package was delivered is why she was so long on passenger side.

  • Tony Wilburn

    It appears as if someone is looking for a payday!!!! There is no way that the driver of that vehicle peed in that driveway….anyone with half a brain can see that.

  • maxxsimum

    That water mark was in a different position from where that woman was. Whatever she was doing so long doesn’t add up to his accusation. No money for you buddy.


    You can clearly see her pulling up her pants and you can tell were her pee started then ran down it was not the air conditioning it would have to be over more and closer to the front not right were the passenger door was.Besides that I seen a lot of fed ex drivers do things very uncalled for.i measured on my computer were the pee started and we’re the air conditioning water would have been besides that if it was the air conditioning then she had a bad leak because the air conditioning will not leak that bog of a puddle it is clearly her pee.hello people pay closer attention to the video

  • Me,Myself and I

    The owner should have soaked the fluid up with a cotton ball and glove and had it tested if he is so adamant about the driver urinating in his driveway.

  • Grace Long

    As long as the truck was parked there it could easily be the AC. On these hot humid days especially it drips like crazy under my Tahoe when it’s setting in one spot with the engine running and I’m sure she would have left the ac on.

  • Mackie

    Home owner needs to look again. There is no way she pee’d. The water is on the onside of the wheel. I have had Fedex take a few minutes to move parcel around and/or scan. That’s all she was doing.

  • sandra

    Delivery people move packages around in their vehicles all the time. While they are atopped, they do a little paper work too. Also, not to be rude, but because of her weight, she maybe needed to take a brake and sit in the ac for a moment. She also might have been looking around for the dog. Maybe she saw the dog and then jumped in passenger side until she was sure dog wasn’t coming. And the wet spot, it was clearly from under the vehicle. All windows were up in vehicle so ac must have been running. At least she didn’t toss the package, she did sit in nicely on the lawn. And again, not to be rude, but with he size, I would think squaring quickly with your pants down would be challenging. You would have seen feet under the door. She would have had to use the door for support.

  • Jim

    Why is this even news? Even if she did pee, which clearly she didn’t, it still shouldn’t be news worthy.

  • pattym

    What an idiot, unless she could pee under the front end from the passengers door and it NOT run down hill! SMH, people will TRY to get money for anything anymore!

  • bobsbob

    Not only do people think you’re an idiot for making such a claim, now you’ve proved you’re an idiot by posting it on YouTube.

  • bella 07

    I do not quite understand what she was doing but there is no proof that she did this.You really could not tell what she was doing.The wet spot could have come from the vehicle.The thing I would have a problem with is the fact that she just left the package in the yard.Why didn’t she put it on the porch?

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