SC children found unattended with parents passed out from using heroin

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Spartanburg police say charges will be filed after two children were found unattended with their parents who had passed out after using heroin, according to WHNS.

When officers responded to the Creek Ridge Apartments/Hillcrest Commons, they found a woman and her boyfriend passed out from using the drug. Also inside the apartment, they found an 8-month-old infant and a 20-month-old child lying on the floor unattended.

The children were immediately taken into protective custody.

The children’s father, 24-year-old Caleb Burgess, was arrested for child endangerment. The children’s mother, 24-year-old Gina Gaudiano, was taken to the hospital for a heroin overdose. She is also expected to face charges.



  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    Both of those POS’s should be Sterilized so as to Never be able to bring any more Babies into this world….in fact, sterilization should be a law for Creatures like this or whoever murders, abuses, neglects children etc, etc…..just my opinion & I don’t care who likes it!!!

  • FaithC

    You know they popped out these babies one right after the other so they could collect welfare money and get food stamp cards to sell to feed their habit. People like this are pure scum.

  • christy

    I hope none of you are Christians because you will also burn in hell! It is not your place to judge anyone especially when you don’t know any of the circumstances involved! Why do they have to be pieces of shit and all this? You don’t know them. You dontdon’t know what they have been through! Why can’t people just pray that this is a wake up call for them! I really hope everyone involved in this will be OK! Only god has the right jjudgment for these people not you jerks! Get a life you aren’t god so quit judging and live your own life!

    • sinner 3

      Hey Christy lot of addicts in the family huh!! you defend these kinds of people ? your just as bad !!

      • christy

        No actually I have never met an addict I just prefer not to judge people when I don’t know the circumstance of their life. I believe in second chances. I believe there is good in everyone. And I dare anyone here to say they have never made a mistake maybe not this bad of one but a mistake is a mistake a sin is a sin no matter how messed up you are I believe there is help for you.

    • judgies

      Right on, Christy. People here are so quick to burn people at the stake, knowing absolutely nothing about their lives and what brought them to the wretched places they are. Of course the children need to be protected, but I, like you, hope the adults also get the help they need.

      • christy

        Thank you! I was beginning to feel like the only one who would somewhat stick up for them. By no means do I agree with what they did and I hate what they did but they are in need of help not hate! I don’t believe they could have those children and do this and not hate themselves for it. I mean seriously the woman almost died! People are so fast to hate people like this when they have no idea. I have no idea what its like to feel the need to do drugs but that doesn’t change the fact that they are still people young people who made a mistake!

    • THE CHOSEN ONE.......

      typical response from another dope fiend p.o.s……..the evidence was stated during the arrest you dumbass

    • THE CHOSEN ONE.......

      just look at their mugshots,they have been using dope for years and are so self centered in what they want …which is dope by the truckload,they could care less about the well being of their kids,so yes with the evidence presented and the FACTS,they deserve to be judged by who ever reads this article. anybody that defends them at this point is a dope fiend that enables dope fiend behavior!

    • Tamara Smith

      Seriously….what they have been through has nothing to do with this… The circle needs broken but these kids don’t need neglected so these two heroin addicts can be high. The state clearly needed to step in and put these babies with someone who can love them and as for the “parents” ewwww making mistakes is part of learning….yes, but when you put your children in danger like this, it’s ridiculous! Point blank….

  • Ann

    They are SCUM – they do not deserve to breathe the same air as we do! They only care for themselves…that high! I want burn in hell for speaking my opinion Christy. Amazing in the same sentence you say “Only God has the right to judge then you call people jerks?!” I am glad I don’t know these two & if I did I would be ashamed to say I did. This isn’t a wake up call for them – they just happen to get caught THIS time. I hope the precious children are okay. Please let someone take these babies in & love & protect them.

    • christy

      So you have the right to say who deserves the same air as you? Really? I am sorry but everyone has the right to breathe the air on this planet not one person is any better than the other. Everyone was created equal and deserves their story to be heard. They need help not to be condemned for a horrible mistake!

  • shelby

    they are not worth the air they breath. there is no excuse for putting your children in danger. the kids did not ask to be brought intothis world and deserve better.

  • Me,Myself and I

    People who put children at the top of the list are the best people, Christy! Since judgement must be made by the law, those low life parents will probably lose their parental rights! Children deserve better and placing them in a safer environment is the best decision!

    • christy

      I never said anything contrary. I can’t stand what they did and I agree the children need to be put first and not with them unless they prove they stay clean. All I am saying is they are still human and made a horrible mistake one of the worst a parent could ever make but they are by far not the worst people in the world they need help!

      • Seriously?

        They look like pretty big sh*t bags to me; bless the poor babies these @ssholes could have killed

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