Christian woman freed after death sentence in Sudan

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SUDAN — A Sudanese woman who had been sentenced to death because she declined to renounce her Christian faith has been freed, her lawyer said Monday.

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, 27, reunited with her husband after getting out of custody, said her lawyer, Mohaned Mustafa El-Nour. An appeals court found that an initial judgment against her was faulty, he said.

He declined to elaborate.

Ibrahim gave birth to a girl in a prison in the capital of Sudan last month, two weeks after she was sentenced to 100 lashes and to die by hanging.

Her sentence had drawn international condemnation.


    • dewey

      you do know, it was the belief in this mystical, unseen person who has only spoken directly to humans by the account of your book, only once or twice….maybe three times, that caused all of this…..just like she was sentenced to die because of her faulty belief in Sudan, here in the US, the supposed christstains ostracize and disallow validity to any religion that isn’t built upon the stolen tales of a man name Jebus. Personally, your belief system doesn’t matter to me and it should never put you in a position of life or death, so to you sir, I say, screw your doG, their doG and any other one that causes ignorant actions like the ones perpetrated by Sudan and by the defacto Christstain theocracy here in the US.

  • FaithC

    All you religious nitwits do realize that antiquated religion is the VERY REASON why she was locked up. You really think “god” said oh that is not right let “me” release her. SMDH

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