Woman stabbed by husband in Hope Mills expected to survive

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HOPE MILLS, N.C. — The family of a New Jersey woman stabbed repeatedly by her husband in a bank parking lot said the woman is expected to survive.

Arliss Craft told WTVD-TV that her sister Lorrie Haymon may be released from Cape Fear Valley Medical Center as early as Friday.

The woman was reported in “good condition” by the hospital on Friday morning.

Haymon, 51, and her husband Darrell Haymon, 53, traveled to North Carolina a few weeks ago to go house hunting. They’d been staying with Craft in her Fayetteville home.

On Thursday morning, witnesses and police reported Darrell Haymon stabbed his wife repeatedly in the parking lot of PNC bank on Hope Mills Road. Police said the couple was on their way into the bank to make a deposit, but the bloody violence began before they could make it inside the business.

Craft said her sister had been stabbed more than 20 times before police brought it to an end, shooting and killing Darrell Haymon. They said the man refused commands to put down the knife and let go of his wife.

Calls to 911 reveal bystanders tried to help Lorrie Haymon prior to police arrival.

“”I’ve got several people outside with weapons,” said one caller from inside the bank. “Somebody came across the parking lot with a hammer. I can’t see them from where I’m at now, but we’ve got the doors locked.”

“There’s people walking up to him and I’m scared he’s going to hurt them, too,” said another caller, who told the dispatcher she moved her car full of kids away from the scene when police showed up and drew their weapons.

The same caller described seeing the Haymons laid out on the ground between their truck and another car. Another witness saw Haymon cut his wife around the throat, and the scenario was described to a dispatcher.

On Thursday, Darrell Haymon’s brother Andre Haymon said he was unaware of any prior domestic violence between the two. Lorrie, he said, worked in the healthcare field, and Darrell was self-employed.

The couple has three adult children, and previously lived in the Toms River, N.J., area.


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