Teenager faces 99 years in prison for selling marijuana brownies

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AUSTIN, Texas — A 19-year-old man in Texas is facing up to 99 years in prison for baking and selling marijuana brownies.

Jacob Lavoro

Jacob Lavoro

The severity of the potential sentence is generating outrage. Cheers erupted as Jacob Lavoro recently talked to his supporters and the media.

Lavoro is charged with a first degree felony for possessing 1.5 pounds of drugs. He faces five years to life in prison.

Around 100 of his supporters gathered outside the Williamson County Courthouse recently prior to a pre-trial court hearing.

They held signs, sold shirts and talked about the move to decriminalize marijuana.

“I’m not a criminal, I’m just a kid,” Lavoro said.

Lavoro said he was sickened when he first heard how much time in prison he is facing.

“I first found that out when I was in jail and I almost threw up when I heard it, actually did throw up. I turned white in my face,” he said.

In court, Lavoro’s attorney filed a motion to suppress the evidence.

His attorney accused investigators of failing to identify themselves as police officers before they entered Lavoro’s apartment. His attorney hopes to get the case thrown out.


  • NobodyAtAll

    From the state that produces 1.5 trillion pounds of greenhouse gases annually and their so concererned about a pound and a half of pot..Got to wonder how much comes across the border every day that the authorities take home for their personal use..

  • Paul

    North Carolina supports you, Jacob Lavoro. God bless you – Good luck with your fight for fairness.

  • Me,Myself and I

    He is not a kid! He is an adult! Didn’t act like one, but according to the law he is! He knew what he was doing and no one twisted his arm to make those brownies! He is an idiot and whatever the law dishes out for his punishment, he deserves it! My son is 19 and he is an adult, not a kid!

    • Duncan20903

      Wow, it certainly doesn’t take very much to get some people to fall into line and start goose steppin’ ans sieg heiling.
      It doesn’t bother you in the least that they counted the other ingredients in the brownies as if it were hashish?

    • Richard Burnish

      You’re right, he is an adult and he did break a law; I believe that some sort of punishment is to be expected as a result (even though I am for it being decriminalized, it’s still the law).. but 99 years? That’s longer than any rapists and some murderers get, and all this gentleman did was sell marijuana. Is it illegal? Yes. Is it wrong? Debatable. Unless you are just a hardcore drug warrior, I’m sure you can agree that 99 years is very extreme for just selling pot brownies.

      The point of our prisons should be to rehabilitate, NOT to destroy the lives of the inmates; this man’s life is going to be absolutely obliterated if he is forced to serve that full term. There are so many violent criminals who are given a second chance to turn their life around, so why not this guy?

  • Mark Stabler

    The real problem is a few States away the State is sponsoring the sell of Marijuana including it baked in cookies. The Federal government turns it’s head in some locations and enforces the law in others. Those commenting previously are so right about the amount of drugs, including marijuana, that crosses our borders daily along with illegal aliens, both adult and children, with little to no enforcement by our Federal authorities.

    • dewey

      nice diatribe there Mark, but the Feds ain’t got a thing to do with this….it’s one bass ackwards state….and most marijuana isn’t coming from our southern border, it’s produced domestically….no one wants Mexibrown when you can get sooooo much better. I agree, he isn’t a kid, but you can get a DUI, even kill someone while drunk and never get a sentence like that…..usually handed down from state, not federal judges….

  • Who cares

    If u think mArijuana is bad in any way shape or form you have been sheltered your whole life and know nothing. Absolutely nothing. You are stupid selfish and have serious issues understanding how the government only made it illegal because of how hard it is to control the taxes and what not with it. It used to be legal and required to grow cannabis and hemp on our land… Worry about heroin and cocaine and prescription meds that the doctors give you , fucking idiots. Marijuana serves medical purposes. It helps and makes things we use everyday in our economy… No body has ever died from pot not once EVER. Ficking idiots I just want to smack all of you who have negative things to say about It and the little mom up there with her 19 year old son. I bet ur son has smoked it before haha and I’m 38 years old with almost 2 million $$ in assets on my propert and I blaze everyday. Marijuana makes us failures ad crashes families tho huh? It makes U eat and sleep if u use it to much that is it lol

  • Kevin

    Illegal is illegal. He knew it was illegal. The law trumps opinion! Hopefully the next person will think twice before breaking that particular law. Browneys are already a delicious treat. Why mess with it?

  • Jason

    My brother was murdered in his sleep by his wife and she’s serving the MAXIMUM for 2nd degree murder in NC..16yrs.that being said, this pothead shouldn’t serve more than 3-6 months…

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