NC rescue mutt named Peanut crowned ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’

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PETALUMA, Calif. — A North Carolina rescue pooch named Peanut has been crowned the “World’s Ugliest Dog.”

The 2-year-old mutt from Greenville took first place at the annual competition Friday in Petaluma, Calif.

Peanut and owner Holly Chandler.

Peanut and owner Holly Chandler.

Peanut’s owner, Holly Chandler, said she wanted to enter the dog in the contest to raise awareness of animal abuse.

Chandler said Peanut was set on fire by his previous owner. Someone apparently found him, barely alive and took him to the vet.

He spent nine months there, unwanted, until Holly Chandler adopted him back in July.

Chandler said his eyelids and lips were burned and he can’t close his eyes. She said some of his hair will not grow back.

“He looks like Spike from the Gremlins,” Chandler said.

Chandler and Peanut took home a 4-foot trophy and a $1,500 prize. Chandler said she plans to use the prize money to pay for other animals’ veterinary bills.

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  • Wendy

    I believe that peanuts care giver had good intentions. I also believe that the promoter had good intentions. But now this leaves other dogs wide open to be abused for monetary gain. Unfortunate, but any person that is sick enough to do that to Peanut in the first place, is certainly sick enough to do it to another dog in hopes of getting it accepted in this promotion… This makes me very worried for other dogs . there are as many sickos out there, as there is people with good intentions. Unfortunately the bag people always find a way to extort and to ruin things like this for the well intended. I also believe that no unfortunate animal should be exploited and this bad taste promotion should be intended for only naturally funny faces. This is my opinion and I believe that every one of my animal rescue colleagues and friends would agree… And again I believe this encourages ill intentions. God bless you Peanut and your Mommy

  • Kelly Davis

    Copy of an email sent to officials at The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest:

    First of all, your contest rules specifically state: “Prior to arriving for the contest, all the dogs must provide a veterinarian’s paperwork asserting that they are healthy and are “naturally ugly”. The supposed “winner” Peanut was abused and burnt; he is not naturally ugly. He is most definitely not qualified.
    However, my dog, Faith, who has a natural autoimmune disease that made her “ugly” was almost not allowed into the contest due to unfounded allegations by your contest veterinarian that she was being abused by me, her owner. She literally raised her voice at me after I defended myself. Then after begrudgingly allowing Faith into the contest, had the audacity to say to her colleague, “I’m still not sure about this one.” This, after Faith’s veterinarian called and spoke with the contest veterinarian a day before the contest to explain that Faith has been extremely well taken care of since I rescued her. In addition, I provided the contest officials with Faith’s “Health Certificate” provided by her veterinarian stating that she is a healthy dog.
    We watched other dog owners having their dogs inspected by the veterinarians at the vet check area and each of them was greeted with a smile and treated kindly. When we approached, it was as if they were ready for a fight. Neither of them smiled or spoke kindly. They first asked me if Faith was sick, which angered me since they were already aware from the required paperwork that I submitted previously, as well as after having a personal phone conversation with Faith’s veterinarian, that Faith was not sick. I also offered to show them Faith’s Health Certificate and other paperwork that I had with me to show them the amount of care that Faith has received since I adopted her. They didn’t want to see it. Then the female veterinarian had the audacity to suggest that Faith was being abused—by me. The conversation was heated and we we felt humiliated and attacked. I am still angry that we had to be subjected to terrible allegations of abuse and mistreatment of the sweet, little dog that I rescued and treat with nothing but love and kindness.
    Not only were we treated unfairly by your veterinarian(s), but for the remainder of the contest, we honestly felt as if there was some sort of conspiracy behind making sure that Faith did not receive as much attention as the other contestants. There is no way to prove this is true, of course, but it was pretty obvious that we were treated differently.
    The contest was a horrible experience for me. I certainly don’t want to appear like a “sore loser”, although every dog owner at the contest, along with myself of course, wanted their dog to win. But, I can’t stay silent about how rudely I was treated and how my integrity was challenged. I learned a few lessons: the contest is a sham, the rules don’t matter, contest officials aren’t to be trusted and the “winner” isn’t even qualified.
    I used to believe that this contest was a positive one for bringing attention to the ugly dogs that are often passed by in shelters and for allowing rescue dog owners a platform to share their stories of these sweet, beautiful dogs. Now I don’t. Shame on the people behind your contest for their treatment of me and my sweet Faith. Never again will I subject her, or myself, to such prejudice.
    Although I would like to officially lodge a complaint and perhaps have the “winner” disqualified, I doubt that would ever be allowed by your officials. However, please know that I will share my story with as many people as possible so that they are aware of the truth behind your contest.

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