NC lifeguard credited with saving 5-year-old boy’s life

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Dustin Scoles (WLOS)

McDOWELL COUNTY, N.C. — A North Carolina lifeguard is credited with saving a young boy’s life, although the lifeguard said he was just doing his job.

WLOS-TV reported that Dustin Scoles, of Marion, spotted a 5-year-old boy near the bottom of the deep end Tuesday at Yogi Bear Campground.

“I just saw him lying lifeless at the bottom of the pool,” he recalls. “Laying in the deep end right here. He had gotten past the rope and couldn’t swim.”

Scoles said no adult knew the boy was in trouble. That’s when Scoles earned his nickname “Dash.”

“I jumped in and retrieved the boy and began CPR,” Scoles said.

The boy was reportedly taken to the hospital and stayed there overnight. Scoles said he spoke to the child by phone, who told him he was doing well.

Scoles is a student at Western Carolina University and is working his first summer as a lifeguard.

“In my book he’s a hero, yes,” says owner Alex Garcia. “When I saw what happened, and how the boy had to recover from unconscious to conscious, that was a really good feeling.”

Scoles said he’s proud that he was able to come to the rescue, but the hero tag is something he’ll have to get used to.

“They say I am, it hasn’t sunk in yet,” he said.

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