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Body of 18-year-old recovered from NC lake

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Malique Streater

MONROE, N.C. — Authorities recovered the body of 18-year-old Malique Streater on Saturday morning, according to WSOC-TV.

Emergency workers found the body just before 9 a.m. in Lake Twitty. The lake remains closed Saturday and will reopen Sunday.

Family members were on the scene at the time. They said Streater was fishing with his grandfather when he had a seizure, fell overboard and never came back up.

He had just finished his junior year at Forest Hills High School.


  • Thomas Noell

    Prayers out to the family of this teen, just as we remember the two who drowned on Belews Lake this spring. And thank you, Fox 8, for doing the decent thing and cropping the image of this teen in which he was posing in a rather unflattering manner (as seen in a previous article, and uncropped image, about this missing teen on the Fox 8 website). True, decency may be so “1950s”, but I think we need much more of it in our troubled, filthy modern society.

  • Triple Threat C

    @ Sucko what does that have to do with Malique Streater passing? Please show some respect.. thank you

  • Triple Threat C

    @ Thomas Noell.. Really you had to put that comment out there on how he pose in a picture? he was a teenager for god sakes and all teenager pose like that rather they black, white, red, purple or green. You go from saying how sad it is about Malique Streater death and then in the same breath you talking about him. Please get your life and thank you for the prayer to the family. Plus Malique Streater was my son’s older brother and remeber folks from the family is reading these hurtful remarks that coming out your mouth!!! think before you speak..

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