Teens charged in shooting that left ECSU volleyball player paralyzed

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Julie Annette Reed and Jamir Trequan Brazzle.

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. — A volleyball player at Elizabeth City State University is paralyzed from the neck down after being shot while trying to break up a fight.

WAVY.com reported that three teenagers have been charged in the shooting of 19-year-old Julie Annette Reed.

Police said they found the victim shot in the neck lying next to a vehicle after responding to a shooting at an Elizabeth City home on Saturday.

The victim told Elizabeth City police she was trying to break up a fight when she was shot.

Jamir Trequan Brazzle, 16; Dazir Davante Bonds, 18 and Willis Alonzo George, Jr., 17, all of Elizabeth City, have been charged in the shooting.

Brazzle was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. Bonds and George face charges of felony accessory after the fact.

All three were placed in the Albemarle District Jail. Brazzle was given a $35,000 bond and the other two suspects received $25,000 bonds.

Reed was taken to a Norfolk hospital. WAVY was told that she is paralyzed from the neck down. She played volleyball, according to the school.


  • laffinatcha

    Just looking at the names makes wonder how long til grandma comes out talking about what sweet misunderstood angels deez boys be…

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    All 3 of those POS Thugs should be Shot for ruining this girl’s Life & she probably would have had a Great Life but these 3 made sure she didn’t plus WHY would a person especially 3 people be Mean Enough to shoot a Young Female, I know 1 thing if I were this girl’s Father there would be Hell to pay concerning those 3, either today or somewhere down the road they would definitely Pay big time!!

  • badelizabeth2013

    what I really don’t ever understand is they are never really punished for any of this. so they get to spend 5 years in jail…big deal – they get free schooling, free meals, don’t have to worry about a job – then they get out. she, on the other hand, gets to live with this for the rest of her life. How is this fair or even reasonable.?

  • ItsMYopinion

    35,000… Wow…. That is a pathectic bond. Seeing that bond amount for what they did to that girl makes me sick. There is NO justice anymore. Sad Sad world

  • j

    If it was a travon situation it would be racist but since its a dumbass black person who killed a white girl I guess it’s different black people are more racist than anybody

  • Kristi

    Assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill…. $35,000 bond, are you KIDDING ME? This poor girls life, as she knew it, is over. This thug intended to kill her with a deadly weapon. $35,000 is insulting….her life is worth FAR more than that. Do you think $35,000 will cover even 1/10th of her medical bills which she will be paying for the rest of her life. I agree with the comment about her father because if some thug (s) did this to my child, the light of day would be the LAST thing they saw.

  • Kelly

    If you can read, she was trying to break up a fight. They did not aim towards Julie they were aiming towards her boyfriend who was in the fight. Yes, brazzle deserves to be in jail maybe even prison But the other two did not shoot her sadly they helped him get away. Learn the story before you judge all three.

  • ManorMade

    Unless someone is going to speak out against violence and get from behind the cpu screen then its not gone stop….black or white

  • justice

    Some of you should actually READ before making comments you’ll sound less like idiots..with that being said he did not mean to shoot Julie! But bullets have no name on them and discriminate against no one. However that doesn’t make it ok or any better than she did indeed get shot, her life now will be harder than it ever has been and my heart goes out to her and her family.

  • justice

    *that…I was friends with her and I also know the shooters personally.. And they are sweet boys just misguided and not enough discipline.. Brazzle does need to pay for this crime but whatever he gets will never be able to compare to the turmoil he has caused in Julies life.. Its a very sad situation

  • justice

    They are not thugs! And pos? Remember you are talking about someone’s kids..they never meant to shoot her they were actually friends with her.. Her boyfriend was the target

      • James

        Jesus, listen to yourself. “Who’s to say he didn’t do something to deserve it”? So your job here is to justify the shooting and blame the targets?

    • Guy Reade

      Yes they are thugs. plain and simple. Why did your 16 year old friend have a gun, unless he meant to use it? Obviously Jamir has issues with weapons? Since he was out on bond from two prior weapons charges.
      Our tax dollars do not need to pay to house him in a North Carolina Penitentiary.

      Since he obviously cannot respect the laws of our society, or the laws of the Bible – he needs to be removed from this earth post haste and let his family dispose of his remains. Death is too good for him, but it will save us all the expense of supporting his sorry thug a$$.

    • Lok

      you are freaking insane to say that. defending the shooter he is scum and always will be I know the type, grew up around that area. he pulled out a gun, he puled the trigger, he intended for it to kill someone, therefore he should get 25 to life. There are no take-backs or re-dos for Julie. All because he wanted to look hard. What kind of chump wanna-be-thug pulls a gun over a fistfight. Punk deserves to rot and so do his friends, There is no public outrage here there never is when the victim is white. He will probably serve a couple years and get out with a year of probation while Julie has to suffer a horrible fate and never feel anything physical again, have to have someone change her diapers and hand feed her the rest of her life. and guess who’s paying for it? not the punk who shot her no he’s “under- privileged” and needs t be handed everything in life

  • j

    They are dumbass thugs and to comment on what samantha said if u were paralyzed u would probably feel like dying, and justice wow how can u say they are good people if they walk around carrying guns that’s called a thug

  • pissedoff

    First off before you comment you.need to look deep into the story first off they were not thugs they were in school second off she isn’t no angle she has a record a felony record so she isn’t perfect third yes it was wrong to shoot be look at the full story first before running ya mouth

  • pissedoff

    And j how can u call them thugs for carrying a gun was Zimmerman a thug? Hmmm bet you was all for that too and since she had a record for drugs is she a thug too

  • mom1st

    My prayers go out to this young lady and her family. This is a great example of be mindful of who you associate with. I tell my daughters all of the time that you don’t have to be doing anything wrong but if you are with the wrong people trouble will find you. We have to teach our daughters to make better decisions when it comes to dating and choosing male friends. I do not know these young men, but I’m sure that this is not the first time that they have been in trouble. We have to teach our daughters that this bad boy image is not impressive and to think about what can happen by being around people who make bad decisions on a regular basis. I’m not blaming the victim, but you have to be careful of the company that you keep.

  • justice

    So carrying guns make you a thug?? Lol so I guess police officers and members of the military are thugs too.. And @James no my goal isn’t to justify the shooting my goal is to prove there are both sides to a story 1 she was not the intended target her boyfriend was 2 he’s well into his 20s what was he doing hanging around a bunchof kids?? The beef was with him not her she was just in the way @ Samantha that was rather a harsh comment being paralyzed from the neck down doesn’t seem much better than death to me im more than relieved that she’s dealing with everything so well.
    @guy reade.. Seriously?? You need to be put away just for that comment .honestly in the area that he lives in I’d feel unsafe walking to my car without a gun. More so a lot of people carry them there its just that bad ..

  • justice

    @Samantha I apologize for my comment to you.. I didn’t read the one before yours but I get what you’re saying

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