Search for Bianca Tanner continues; boyfriend not cooperating

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- It's been 11 days since anyone has seen or heard from Bianca Tanner. The second grade teacher at Reedy Fork disappeared in the middle of the night while visiting her boyfriend in Charlotte.

Police are calling her case a homicide investigation. They haven't made any arrests or named any suspects. While doing interviews, Tanner's 3-year-old son told detectives her boyfriend "hurt mommy in the face."

At the start of the search, investigators said Tanner's boyfriend was cooperating, now they say he's not and has a lawyer. Detectives also say he didn't help in a search over the weekend.

"I know if he was missing and my sister was the last person to see him she would do anything," explains Cerise Richardson, Tanner's sister.

Richardson has her reservations about her sister's boyfriend. She says the two were dating for about six months.

"I'm not sure if he has anything to do with her disappearance, but I do think there is more to the story that he isn't telling us and being forthcoming about."

Richardson has been spending a lot of time with her 3-year-old nephew, Tanner's son.

"Naturally he's used to having his mom so he's wanted her and as each day goes by that want is increasing more and more,” she said.

Tanner's family has been back and forth between Greensboro and Charlotte searching for her and handing out flyers to anyone in the area.

"I'll go to the end of the earth for my sister and I'm not going to stop until I bring her home,” Richardson said.

School officials and community members put up "Bows for Bianca" around benches, trees, and posts outside of Reedy Fork Elementary.


  • Jpm

    I would almost bet the boyfriend had something to do with her disappearing, Why else would he need a lawyer and not help look for her? Because he already knows where she is

  • Bobby

    This is so sad. It is shameful that someone, somewhere between Charlotte & Greensboro knows something about this young lady. If anybody knows anything they need to say SOMETHING. Her family & especially her little baby needs closure.

  • stinger90

    Houston! We may have a problem!!
    See how things play out
    My prayers are with the love one’s in these trouble times.

  • Ashley

    The boyfriend definitely had something to do with her disappearance!! I knew her and went to A&T with her and we had the same major!! It’s just so sad :-(

  • pattym

    I pray they all have closure soon, I pray that if her Boyfriend is found to had somethinf to do with all this that he gets exactly what he deserves!!!

  • Doll

    My friend dated this guy a little of a year … She was terrified of him … He would control her every move , phone calls, text messages ect . He’s very violent and even assaulted my friend while they were dating … I pray she okay! But Angelo needs to be punished !!

  • momofthree3

    This aweful!!!! I hope and pray the truth comes out!!! Call Nancy Grace!!!!! This young lady is beautiful and is someone’s mother, child, sister, niece Daughter!!! Family pls keeping searching even if it’s year or 2 down the rd.. Nvr give up!!!! We need prayer and if someone knows something out there pls pls I beg of you come forth!!!! God forgives but this child and family need closure!!!! Pls give this family and young lady that!!!!!

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