Officials look for ways to improve dangerous intersection in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Winston-Salem officials are now looking into ways to improve an intersection; after it was the scene of two serious accidents in a matter of days.

The intersection is that of Spruce Street and Business 40 in downtown Winston-Salem.

On Monday, a two car accident left a car hanging by a single wheel, above Business 40, while a woman was inside. Thursday morning, there was another accident, which left a car overturned in the roadway.

Winston-Salem Department of Transportation officials say prior to this week, there had only been three accidents at the intersection in five years. However, this week has shown them the dangers of the intersection.

"If you're new or unfamiliar with an area, you're looking around trying to see where you're going, or looking at a sign for the highway and maybe not paying attention to stop signs," said Ryan Newcomb, Winston-Salem Assistant Director of Transportation.

Newcomb says people traveling on the ramp, which has no stop or speed limit signs, tend to travel at high rates of speed.

"They're trying to accelerate to try to find a gap on a very short ramp," said Newcomb.

Linda Finch works at Earheart Healthy Weight Loss, on the corner of the intersection. She saw both accidents this week, but says there are near misses there almost every week.

"It was screeching tires and bam, bam, bam. Came out and there was a car overturned," said Finch.

She believes making the intersection a three-way stop is the best way to make it safer.

"The only thing that will help is really something to make people stop at Spruce Street before they get into the mode of getting on Business 40," said Finch.

Newcomb says they have already been surveying the intersection to find ways to reduce the danger. He says they are considering moving stop signs for better visibility, improving sight lines and repainting faded lines on the roadways.

"A second crash within three days, obviously, yeah we'll be pushing to see what we can do and try to get those implemented within the next week or so," said Newcomb.

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