Fox bites Greensboro man in backyard; sightings reported around neighborhood

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Residents in the Forest Oaks area say they're seeing an uptick in coyotes and foxes near their homes and in some cases in their yards.

This week one resident was bitten in the leg by a fox in his backyard.

"The animal just came up and bit through his pants leg," said Scott Greene, program manager for Guilford County Environmental Health Department.

Last year, Greene says the county had 25 reported cases of bites involving wild animals.

Animal control can only set traps if an animal seems dangerous, according to Greene.

"If there is an exposure or the animal is acting strangely, then we'll definitely respond," he said.

Officials say residents should keep their distance from all wildlife and call 911 if an animal becomes aggressive.

Some residents want animal control to keep better watch of wildlife in residential areas.

“I'd like to see them ride around here a lot more than what they do,” said Brett Saunders who lives off of Chapparal Court and sees foxes near his home on most mornings. “The foxes come through here around 5:30, 6:00 o'clock in the morning.”

He waits until the sun comes up to walk his yorkie, keeping him close to his side with the same nagging fear every day.

''They're going to get my dog when I let it out,” he said.

Douglas Cassell is having the same problem at his home on Boxford Road.

"The foxes come by about every night," Cassell said.

Cassell says the foxes have never seemed dangerous and thinks it’s best to leave nature as it is.

“Long as they don't mess with me, I won't mess with them.” Cassell said.


  • Aaron

    Brett Saunders – What play world do you live in? What do you expect Animal Control to do by “riding around more” in your area? Chase the fox? Try to get the fox to come to them? Give me a break dude. Wildlife is part of the world, get over it. Keep a gun nearby in the rare event a wild animal attacks. Don’t rely on the government to “ride by” to somehow scare away the wildlife surrounding you. Perhaps you should consider moving to a super liberal, high end location where such bogus requests may be taken seriously.

  • Stephanie

    My brother in law was the one attacked and bitten the other night. The fox attacked him twice before it finally fled. My sister with outside with him and so glad the fox didn’t get her. They are missing a couple of cats. Animal control & NC Wildlife did have someone come out to set traps to try and catch the fox. Please watch for wildlife around in your surrounding and report them if need be so this will not happen again.

    • Aaron

      So we are supposed to report any wildlife we see to mommy government, so they can set traps? Give me a break. Sure, report any animal acting strangely if you are in a neighborhood or community, otherwise take care of it yourself.

  • Diane Purcell

    I love to see the wildlife around! It’s why I live in the country. All the development we do and then people are going to complain about wild animals? Enjoy it! Keep your pets on leashes, don’t let your animals outside unsupervised (Anti-Tethering Law in Guilford County now folks so your dogs need to be in a kennel or fenced yard anyway!) and cat’s live longer inside too. Just be alert to strange behavior that suggests a wild animal may be ill and report that. Otherwise, enjoy seeing them, be smart about keeping distance or move to the inner city. Animal Control has their hands full trying to capture dogs that are loose and handling wildlife that IS dangerous….trapping wild animals for no reason isn’t part of their job.

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