Woman records herself having stroke after doctors didn’t believe her the first time

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A Canadian woman recorded herself having a stroke after doctors didn't believe her the first time she went in for help.

Ontario resident Stacey Yepes was at home watching TV one night when it happened.

“The whole left side of my body went numb and tingly,” she said. “This is a stroke. I can’t be having a stroke.”

So she went to her local hospital for help.

But doctors said it wasn’t a stroke. “They said it was stress-related and told me to manage my stress,” Yepes said.

When it happened again a few days later in her car, the 48-year old did something incredible.

Using her smartphone, she taped her own symptoms.

Her video was eventually shown to doctors at Toronto Western Hospital, and Yepes’ self-diagnosis was confirmed.

She’d had a mini-stroke — three of them in fact.

“Things that we usually associate with older age, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, is happening more and more often in younger people,” said hospital neurologist Dr. Cheryl Jaigobin, “so young patients can present with stroke.”

Yepes is now at home recovering. And that video she took? Her local hospital has asked for it, to have a look at it, and learn from it.

Source: CNN/CBC


  • Jen

    I sure hope this woman has a copy of the video or did not give it to the hospital. They dont want to study it they only wanted that so she couldnt sue the pants off of the doctors. Cause I would have have me a good pay out after they sent me home with a stroke. That is her life they are dealing with.

  • Tim

    Jen why sue… With a TIA the symptoms could be gone in as little as 5 minutes. By the time she got to the hospital all signs could have been gone and the CT and MRI would not have shown a clot or bleed. If you had a clot or bleed the signs would not be gone.

  • Cari

    Tim, you are right. In the past 5 years, I went to the hospital 4x’s with stroke-symptoms much like the woman in the video. The first 2 times, I was basically, treated like this woman. I even had a Dr. ask me if I had a social life or if I had a boyfriend! Really? When I got to the hospital the last 2 x’s , CAT scans and MRI’s were done immediately and there was no sign of a full blown stroke in either scan. Both times, my symptoms were treated as being stroke-related, however and I was diagnosed with TIA both times. The nurses explained to me that the blockage or clot that causes the stroke dissolves on it’s own or the bleeding stops on its own. In both cases, I had little or no lasting effects from the TIA. However, i was TREATED for stroke symptoms and not dismissed with ” They said it was stress-related and told me to manage my stress,” as she was. It sounds to me that she was dismissed as a young, hysterical woman, maybe? People who have TIA’s are much more likely to have a full-blown stroke in the next 3 months after the TIA and often within 48 hours of the TIA. The hospital was negligent and irresponsible to simply tell her to lower her stress level.

  • diane

    My husband has been to 2 different hospitals 3 times each they tell him it’s just anxiety and send him home. We just went to a good Dr out of are town and he did a MRI say he has been having multiple mini strokes. Don’t give up you know your body better than any dr.

  • Cassandra maness

    To those of you having TIAs, I truly hope things get better for y’all and y’all got a diagnosis, I have 3 very young children that were having Tia’s and often a major stroke, it took several years and several Dr but we finally got a diagnosis of moyamoya, a very rare vascular disease, it can only be seen in an MRI with contrast. Good luck and god bless.

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