Shocking Kansas car wreck captured on video

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TOPEKA, Kan. — A Kansas man was taken to the hospital after his SUV was launched into the air after striking a trailer parked on the shoulder of I-70 in Riley Co. on Tuesday.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, Greg Harris was taken to a nearby hospital.

No one was in the 2006 Ford F350 attached to the trailer.

The KHP Crash Log indicates Harris was heading west on I-70 around 9 a.m. when his Jeep Cherokee inexplicably went onto the shoulder and hit the trailer.

The SUV went airborne and flipped before coming down in a nearby ditch.

Source: CNN/WIBW


    • Ryan Woodman

      Not a set up. I drove the truck that shot the video. We filmed him for 10 miles because he was swerving badly. We called 911 as well, but they didn’t get him stopped in time. My buddy filmed this from the passenger seat and we turned it over to police.

      • True Champion

        Yeah right…..just so happened that he lined it up perfect and by a far fetched chance there was a trailer setup there with nothing on it and just so happened to be on the ground and not up like a normal trailer would be so it did not scrape the ground as it drove down the highway… Come on now dude, come clean, we wont be mad at you!

  • EriGd

    Here is the reply of the person who took the video (from WIBW). Seems like the driver is half asleep or something already…

    Ryan Woodman • 15 hours ago
    I was driving the truck that shot the video. We filmed the guy for 10 miles because he was swerving. We also called police but not in time…

  • mojorisin73

    I looked at the story on also, the person who had been taking the video was in the passenger seat while filming this guy all over the road for 10 miles or so. This person driving the Cherokee is lucky that he didn’t kill anyone or himself.

  • Larry Collins

    I saw that fellow’s comment about shooting the video. Perhaps it was not a stunt. Anyway, that guy was lucky not to have been killed.

  • True Champion

    If you believe this was not staged, I have some land for sale very cheap in Alaska I will sell to you too!

  • Richard

    Totally agree true champ, this was staged, and if cops can’t figure this one out in 5mns we should be even more worried about the IQ of athose imprisoning 25% of the world’s population.

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