Man accused of killing Jamestown girlfriend, ‘love and deceit’ possible motives

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- A man has been charged after the body of his girlfriend was found in a ditch in McLeansville last Thursday morning.

Anthony Clay Campbell, 53, of Mocksville has been charged with first degree murder in connection with the death of Joyce Price Eaton of Jamestown.

Investigators say Campbell and Eaton had been in a relationship for several months. However, Campbell is reportedly married to another woman who he lives with in Mocksville. Sheriff BJ Barnes says Campbell is self-employed and a father of three.

A press conference was held Wednesday and officials released additional details about the incident.

Eaton’s body was found in a ditch by landscapers on the side of AT&T Road. She had been shot and had several stab wounds around her neck, according to police. Authorities believe her body had been there 15-20 hours.

The following day, Eaton’s family had reported her missing when she didn’t return home from work.

Campbell was arrested Tuesday. He is in the Guilford County Jail under no bond.

Detectives reportedly used Campbell's phone records to connect him to the crime.

"Mr. Campbell's phone records as well as statements he made to detectives place him in the area of the victim's work at the time she left, and at the location where the body was recovered," said Sheriff Barnes.

Barnes says Campbell's phone records also show he was in Hillsborough, which is where Eaton's car was discovered by Orange County sheriff's deputies.

Barnes says Campbell does not have a criminal history or history of violence. Detectives believe the suspect acted alone.

“As far as motive, we feel there is probably love, probably greed, and most definitely deceit involved in what caused this to occur,” Barnes said.

Campbell is expected to appear in court Thursday.


  • JustSayin

    well i guess the wife knows now! what a loser, hope the family gets the justice & peace they deserve!!!

  • Greg Carroll

    So, this murder is called a “love and deceit” issue. Sorry. Wrong. There may have been deceit involved, but if you love someone you do NOT kill them!! This reads like a story about some guy with serious control issues. If he actually loved her he would never have killed her.

  • Just saying

    ‘”acted alone” Thats how the article reads. What did he do walk back to McLeansville from Orange county. Appears to be about 40 miles! I doubt he acted alone!!

  • Tim miles

    This just goes to show you. Anything that’s not right will always end up wrong. We need to pray for the loved ones that are left behind to cleanup this terrible mess lord help them find peace!!!

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