Elon teen accused of creating fake social media accounts to pretend she was cyber-bullied

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ELON, N.C. — An Elon teen is accused of creating fake social media accounts to make it appear she was receiving threats from another person.

The investigation began back in May when a report was initially made to a school resource officer at Western Alamance High School.

According to the Burlington Times-News, online posts on two social media sites made allegations of improper conduct by the victim along with other derogatory remarks and included threats of physical violence.

During the investigation the victim, identified as 16-year-old Breanna Marie Wood, said she was receiving threatening text messages on her phone that included death threats.

Search warrants were executed on social media accounts and on a cellphone seized in the investigation.

Officers discovered it was the victim who had created these social media accounts herself and was using an application to “spoof” her telephone number to give the appearance that the calls came from outside Alamance County.

Wood was charged with filing a false police report. She was placed under a $500 unsecured bond.

Source: Burlington Times-News


    • Brad

      I couldn’t agree more. A huge waste of man hours, and a kid that obviously has issues. Then to see the mother defend her actions merely proves my theory of problems at home.

  • Debbie

    First of all this loser you are all talking about is my daughter.. She was set up by some so called friends at school that she thought she was doing a favor by letting them use her phone.. So before you are so quick to judge maybe you need to know the whole story that the police department is not telling..

  • GingerMama

    Why do 16 year old kids have Facebook anyway? This, along with several other stories, prove that children are not mature enough to have them. How exactly are the police at fault for your daughters irresponsibility? That falls back on you ma’am. If she was “set up” then why was she arrested? They have apparently been investigating for some time and without proof I’m sure they wouldn’t have arrested her. The things kids will do for attention these days! Smdh

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