Bench set up to remember accused killer in Greensboro causes controversy

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A bench set up to remember an accused killer isn't sitting well.

Someone put a concrete bench in the median of South Elm-Eugene to remember Menice Smith. Smith is the man who police say killed two women and nearly beat a postal worker to death back in March. Smith then took his own life on South Elm-Eugene, near where this bench was placed.

"Even though he was a criminal, he has family. Every family feels love for their family," explains Elvira Pez, who lives on South Elm-Eugene.

City crews received a complaint about the bench. Then on Tuesday, crews removed it. Not because of whom it was for, but because of where it was. "It is concrete; if somebody were to run off the road and hit it, it could cause severe damage. [Also] we have mowing crews that have to mow that area," explains Terry Morgan, with Greensboro Field Operations.

The bench was right across the street from Yvonne Revell's home and she's happy it's gone.

"I want the family to get some peace, but maybe somewhere else in their own area," says Revell.

Revell understands Smith had a family, but she doesn't need the bench to make her think of his family or all the others still hurting.

"We have those families in our prayers each day, we really do," she says.

The city is holding the bench. The owner just needs to give them a call to get it back.


  • bella 07

    It sounds like their excuse for removing in was made up.There are plenty of things that can cause damage if you run off the road.I really don’t understand why a memorial should be set up to remember an accused killer anyway..Maybe the family should just put the bench in their own yard.It makes much more sense.

    • Chucky

      If the reason was “made up” then they would have removed the cross that was at the same spot also. There was the chance that someone could have been hit by traffic trying to get to it so sit or write notes on it like others have done or a car could hit it. There are many things about it that are unsafe. It was an eye sore on top of that. Never mind the fact that it memorialized a murderer.

  • Better_than_smith

    They should have just came out ad said he is a murderous monster and they are not going to remember him with a memorial because of his heinous crimes, He should be forgotten like the loser he is

    • Jake Luke

      How can you talk like that .you must be a saint .has never sinned right. Oh,no you are jesus that’s it. I pray for you. Jesus please help this Pearson and teach him not to hate.Amen

  • FaithC

    They should have just said, we do not want a memorial to this criminal. But no, they dance around the truth so they don’t hurt this scum’s family’s feelings. What about the feelings of the families of the people he killed or the postal worker he almost beat to death? Sick and tired of everyone being afraid to speak the truth so nobody gets hurt feelings.

  • Shannon

    The bench should be put in his family’s yard as a memorial, not in a median. The city does have to mow and maintain that area and a solid, concrete bench could be as dangerous as he was if someone were to run off the road. I am sure this man’s family is suffering just as the families and children of his victims are suffering. There can be no good coming out of this situation. A simple cross in that area is enough.

    • Jake Luke

      So ,now you are the Judge.How can you judge him.the Lord is the only one too judge anybody.Be for he did this he was a Son,Brother,Nephew,and a Loving Father.maybe you know what they did to him to make him do the things he did if so let me know.But please don’t have Hate in your heard use this hate by turning it in to love and Reach out to someone who needs Help. I pray that you grow Love in your heart in Jesus name Amen.

  • Baxter

    This is a bit off topic but why in stories like this do they refer to the killer who then killed himself as the “accused killer” ?
    The fact that there was no need to try a dead man does not mean he should be presumed innocent . In this case like so many others there was no reasonable doubt and he killed himself while being pursued. Who’s feelings or rights are we trying to protect ? its just an insult to the victims and their family’s to suggest he may not have been guilty .
    And if you ever drive by that spot you would see its no place for a bench for any reason , its a danger to anyone that would try to use it because of the traffic on that road .With all that said , I am very sorry for all the families that will forever be shattered by this tragedy and pray they find peace with our lord .

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