Man shoots robber after 911 call transferred to voice mail

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PORT RICHEY, Fla. — A homeowner in Florida shot a robber during a break-in after his 911 call was transferred to voice mail.

According to WTVT, four robbers with guns broke into the man’s home last week and demanded prescription drugs and money.

The victim called 911 to report the crime in progress. The dispatcher tried to transfer the call from the fire department to law enforcement but the call went to voice mail.

Chaos ensued and when the victim called 911 again he told dispatchers two women in the home were injured and he had shot one of the robbers.

Three of the four robbers, including the one that was shot, have been apprehended.

Officials say the call being transferred to voice mail didn’t slow down deputies’ response time. They also say steps are being taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


  • jliles1205

    Modern technology allows for combined public safety communications. I understand the thinking of all 911 calls being initially answered by fire dispatch, but this example shows why this is a false economy of action. Every 911 call should be answered by a communications specialist capable of immediately entering a medical emergency, law enforcement,or fire call. Reduced dispatch time saves lives.

  • Ray Ray

    handle stuff on your own. the cops and emergency groups are a joke. if you cant save your own life, prepare for the worst. Arm yourself, arm your family and protect and serve yourself. To be dependent on others to protect you is like trying to find a virgin in las vegas….just doesnt work out well!

    • Thomas Noell

      Sadly, Don, law abiding, supporters of the right to bear arms like you and I are the enemy to Obama, Eric Holder, and the gun-o-phobes on the Left, and NOT these four Trayvon wannabes.

  • Joanne

    Should have shot a little sooner maybe. You could’ve gotten more of them. Call the law when your house and house hold is safe.

  • Chucky

    Hey, maybe we had it all wrong to begin with. Maybe the first question the operator should be asking when you call is “do you have a gun?”. If you do, they could just put you through to voice mail so you can shoot the suspect. There, problem solved and it would save millions in tax dollars for investigations and trials. :)

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