Bus takes Wake Co. student with special needs to wrong stop

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. — A mother says she was in a sheer panic when a contract driver for the Wake County Public School System took her son with special needs to a house miles from where they live, WTVD reports.

Wake County school officials are investigating the matter.

Austin Crank, 5, has Down syndrome and, because of that, has trouble communicating well. So when his mom, Jennifer Crank, got a call at work Monday and was told Austin couldn’t be dropped off at his Wake Forest home because of a barking dog, she was concerned. She doesn’t have a dog.

Jennifer left work to go home and make sure Austin got home safe. Nearly an hour later he was still not home.

Austin eventually made it home safe but Jennifer was not happy with the driver and says this wasn’t the first mistake the Wake County schools transportation contractor has made. She said one time Austin fell asleep and the driver forgot he was a passenger.

Jennifer told WTVD she’s open to listening to Wake County School officials once they complete their investigation, but unless she can get assurance it won’t happen again, she won’t be putting Austin back in the hands of Associated Transportation.


  • toni

    Not everyone has the option to take their children to and from school–I’m sure she wanted to be able to do that. But some people work full-time jobs that don’t allow that.

  • Heather Lehnert

    First for the person that said she should take the child to and from school herself. .. Seriously not all of us have the luxury of not working the medical Bills alone associated with a special needs child will bankrupt you. .. for this mother I lived in dekalb county ill. .. sent my child to Indian creek elementary and had the same thing happen to me three Times. .. I was assured after the first time it would never happen again. . My daughter is deaf and autistic, also has a rare syndrome called kabuki syndrome. .. they dropped her off and just left didn’t call me or anYthing a friend of ours saw her wondering the streets crying. .. we had enough and lEt our home go into foreclosure and moved to have our child be safe. .. we can’t afford to stay home with her. . The medical Bills are drowning us. .. the schools are supposed to keep our children safe not put them in harm’s way something needs to be done and fast. ..

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