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19 protesters arrested in ‘Moral Monday’ rally focusing on workers’ rights

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RALEIGH — Organizers say 19 people at this week’s “Moral Monday” event at the state legislature were arrested and charged with trespassing.

The arrests came just two days after a judge struck down building rules regarding demonstrations, according to WTVD. Protesters celebrated by chanting and singing outside the senate chamber doors.

This week, the protests focused on collective bargaining and raising the minimum wage.

Following the 19 arrests, a woman on the third floor staged an impromptu sit-in after claiming a police officer rudely grabbed her arm. She later left when asked nicely to leave by other officers.

Conservative groups say the NAACP President William Barber’s agenda for state spending would cost a typical family another $4,000 a year in state taxes.

Protesters say they are upset about low pay — particularly minimum wage.

This fight adds to their long list of issues that include cuts to education, unemployment benefits, and Medicaid.

Source: WTVD




  • Jethro Bodnick

    HAHA…..well maybe if any of you had an education, you could get a job that pays more than minimum wage! I am sure all of you receive the Obama free handouts too, so dont go getting to excited because before you realize what your figthing for, you may have to actually work hard for that check now because I wont be paying to take care of your kids and cell phone bill!

      • Glockmeister

        wow. what brilliant analysis, “webuiltthiscountry.” I doubt you have ever “built” anything, or accomplished anything, for that matter. you need to change that attitude, and remove that big chip off your narrow shoulder.

  • Tiff

    Try working for a living folks. I wish I could receive free handouts like most of the protestors do. Its not easy to take care of a family of 5 on $15 an hour and not qualify for anything. I refuse to be like you and whine and complain and just have more babies, so quit your protesting and go back to school and earn your living. Like Jethro said, get an education and pay for your own kids and live off a paycheck, not a food stamp card.

  • FaithC

    “Conservative groups say the NAACP President William Barber’s agenda for state spending would cost a typical family another $4,000 a year in state taxes.”
    Sorry I am sick and tired of paying to support people who refuse to get an education, and sit at home on their a*sses collecting government handouts. These people work a shift a week, just enough to keep all their benefits.
    Why should we raise the minimum wage, you want more money…get an education or training and get a better job. Or is that to much of an effort for you?

  • Hobbes

    I doubt any of these brainwashed useful idiots could engage in an economic debate for more than 12 seconds.

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    Maybe somebody can think of a single Accomplishment these People have made since they’ve “Invaded” the Capitol Building & other places in Raleigh because I cannot think of a single solitary thing all of this Hoopla has done but just create Chaos & actually turned many people away from whatever all of their so called causes are….I just think the naacp run by this Barber Character is just looking for Publicity for new members & then when they start paying their Dues to join the naacp the top members like Barber will just Put more Money in their own pockets that these Poor people contribute to, in other words, Barber & his cohorts are taking advantage of poor people as usual….its just all a scam designed to screw People out of their money because all of these Protests do not amount to anything & never will, a Sad way to take money from people that don’t have any!!!

  • Thomas Noell

    It would be nice if some in our population chose to work, pay taxes, and actually contribute to society as much as they do protesting every day, getting arrested numerous times (at taxpayers’ expense), and obstructing the will of the people who sent our lawmakers to Raleigh to correct decades of liberal incompetence and mismanagement. But we will always have such parasites in our culture, so just work harder, productive class…..the sloth class needs more freebies.

  • sinner 3

    Who is paying and transporting these worthless ases that would rather breed kids they can’t feed than get an education and a job ? Rights you have the same rights I do work smarter and not just harder ! Quit being a burden to society and at least feed and house your kids on your on damm dime ! Stop thinking your even worth 15 dollars an hour to cook fries and mop bathrooms !

  • looky

    Don’t these whiners have a damm job ? My point is why are they not at work,why protest for more money if you are not there !

  • sophie

    Straight out of the master Alinsky’s handbook. I do so wish these folks would learn to be productive and useful.

    • Donnie

      Sophie, you are so right. If more people would read the Alinsky plan, they would be able to see where we are heading.

  • Donnie

    Can they please keep them locked up? Oh wait, that’s what they want. After all, in jail, they get 3 hots, a cot and all the tv they want, all paid for by us taxpayers. How many miltary people get paid $15.00 and hour? None. And they sometimes work 24 hours a day protecting the rights of these jerk protesters that would not lift a hand to help anyone else. Whole thing just makes me sick.

  • Ken

    Some how they forgotten the great speech from JF Kennedy ——— Ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country. The free lunch and handouts has to stop and soon, the hard working tax payers are tired of getting up and going to work while the rest of the world sits around and complains about how every body, but me is making more. I have worked hard since I was 13 and still working with a pain pump in my body for my back and I still put my boots on the ground every day and work 12 -14 a day. Maybe if they would step in my boots one time then they would have something to complain about.

  • Stan Darsh

    I was upset about low wages. Then, I learned a trade and got an education. I am not upset anymore.

  • Ray Ray

    Put all these ignorant uneducated folks on the front line in Afghanistan for a month and if they survive, then I will agree to keep paying for them and their fatherless kids!

  • dobydog1

    arrest them all and throw away the key. don’t these cry babies have jobs? If the whiners are arrested 3 times can they be considered habitual criminals?

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