Missing Guilford Co. teacher’s son told police boyfriend ‘hurt mommy in the face’

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — New details have been released in the search for missing Guilford County Schools teacher Bianca Tanner.

Police elevated the case to a homicide investigation on Thursday.

Tanner disappeared on June 7. She was last seen in Charlotte, where she was preparing to move to take a job with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

New search warrants released Monday detail what police found when they were called to Tanner’s boyfriend’s apartment on Druid Circle in response to a missing persons call.

Police said Tanner’s boyfriend, Angelo Smith, reported her missing on June 8. Smith told police the two got into an argument over a text message, the warrant states.

In the warrant, Smith said Tanner left the apartment intoxicated carrying a bag with her. Tanner has not been seen since.

During the investigation, detectives talked to several family members of Tanner, including her 3-year-old son.

Tanner’s son told police, “Mommy got a spanking with the belt. Angelo kicked mommy’s butt and made her cry.” The boy also told police that “Angelo is mean to mommy and hurt mommy in the face.”

The search warrant states police are looking for a belt/paddle, cellphones, clothes worn by Tanner during the alleged assault, evidence of blood, hairs and other bodily fluids.

Investigators said Smith had an outstanding warrant for domestic battery out of Arkansas. In that case, Smith’s girlfriend at the time reported to police that he “threw her onto the bed and covered her face, both mouth and nose, with his hand, smothering her,” the warrant states.

Tanner’s ex-husband, with whom she shares a joint bank account, said there has been no bank activity on the debit card that is linked to their account, police said.

Source: WSOC



  • Jethro Bodnick

    seems to be something going on that everybody needs to worry about….she shared an account with an ex husband for whatever reason and then has a boyfriend? Not to mention a 3 year old who watched her be beaten if thats the case. Hoping for a safe return, but doesnt sound to promising after reading this news feed.

    • NobodyAtAll

      I shared a joint checking account with my ex-wife for six years after we were divorced,,Sharing that account with a trusted ex just may be financial protection against untrusted new partners..As for me and my ex, we couldn’t get along together..Once divorced, we were the best of friends and trusted in each other completely..

  • Ashley

    this isnt sounding good, its so sad that poor little boy had to see that happen to his mommy and now she isnt coming back, throw that P.O.S in prison!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kd

    @Jethro Bodnick, do you really think any of that is any of the publics business why she shared an acct with her ex husband, did u ever think the acct was for her son’s expenses??? What we should be worried about is where she is not why she was sharing an acct with her ex husband…..

  • j

    Its creepy that you think that way…a fellow sociopath like the boyfriend? I wonder how you treat your partners. It doesn’t specify who’s supposed text message set everything off. He could have been untrue in the past and she may have had trust issues with him or maybe it was an innocent text that was taken out of context and one party got mad at the other…if you thoroughly read the article, this guy has a violent history against women. He even had an outstanding warrant for trying to smother his ex girlfriend to death.That in itself suggests that blame lies with him if that is how he handles his anger.

  • N.A.

    This is heartless, in front of a child at that. It’s getting so bad before getting into a relationship run a criminal search. Some of these dudes have a book of charges, but play innocent & nice until they get you. They leach of the one’s who have things going for themselves, & try to control & use them. I pray all is ok with her.

  • shechosehim

    This wasn’t the first time he hit her if u read the story. And she still left a guy that would share a bank account with her. I bet this guy didn’t even go to college.

    • kim

      What does his education have to do with anything in this case? I mean really u don’t “appear” to b so educated urself…js

    • tell it

      Abusers are like the rest of the criminals they are from all educational and financial backgrounds ! Your statement sounds a bit arrogant in the context used !

  • Unknown

    A person is missing here and all people think about is her sharing a bank account with ex husband. Get real people, seriously. My prayers are with her and her family!

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