Lightning strikes NC church; zaps pianist

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Lightning stock photo

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. — Lightning struck a North Carolina church in the middle of a church service, zapping the piano player.

WECT reported that it happened around noon Sunday at the Zion Hill Baptist Church in Bolivia.

Lightning struck the roof of the church, causing shockwaves through the electrical wiring in the building, according to Chief John Eeten with the Sunset Harbor and Zion Hill Fire Department.

The pianist did not have to be hospitalized and was treated on scene by emergency workers, according to authorities. The injuries have been described as minor and the victim is expected to recover.

The church suffered minor electrical damage but no structural damage, according to WECT.


  • DenisecClark

    Something similar happened to me years ago. We were having an alter call during a terrible lightening storm and sitting at the organ my fingers began to tingle on the keys. I interrupted the pastor and told him I was turning the organ off. I might have been electrocuted if I had not spoken up! Very scary!

  • LM

    It’s clear to me that God is obviously trying to send a message that he is still here and is tired of being ignored… that’s just my take on it!!

      • Adrian Johnson

        God told Moses his name for eternity is the Hebrew word for “I AM WHO AM” (= Being personified!). God’s Son who by the power of the Holy Spirit became man is called “Jesus” which is a form of “Yehoshua” meaning, “HE WHO IS saves.”
        Mohammed mistakenly claimed that God’s name is Allah, however that was the recycled name of the pre-Islamic moon-god–which is why the crescent moon symbol tops mosques and is on the flags of Islamic countries. The Christian God is a Holy Trinity– three persons in one God. The Islamic God is not; “god has no son.” Muslims hold Jesus to be a lesser prophet than Mohammed.

  • Phillip Marsh

    Sounds to me like the christian god either did not like the pianist, did not like the song or did not like the arrangement or perhaps the pianist hit the wrong note and was being taught a lesson!

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