NC elementary school accused of making students walk in heat without water

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Manchester Elementary School in Spring Lake (Google Maps)

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. — Cumberland County school officials are investigating after elementary students were allegedly forced to walk for hours in the summer heat without water as punishment.

The Fayetteville Observer reported that administrators are investigating the allegations against Manchester Elementary School Principal Tammy Holland.

Parents said it happened Tuesday at Manchester Elementary in Spring Lake on the last day of school.

Students are required to wear uniforms and about a dozen reportedly wore regular clothes instead, thinking it would be allowed.

Parents said the principal ordered the students to walk on a dirt track until their parents brought them their uniforms or took them home.

The children weren’t allowed to eat breakfast when they got to school and teachers were not allowed to give them water as they walked, according to the parents.

The temperature was in the mid to high 70s when the children began walking and in the mid to high 80s when they stopped, according to the paper.

The school system prohibits forcing students to do physical activity as punishment because it’s considered corporal punishment, according to Cumberland County Superintendent Frank Till Jr.

Till said administrators are investigating the allegations.

Read full story: The Fayetteville Observer


  • Mona Montgomery

    I was horrified by this story because of the name (Tammy Holland) which sounds like a White woman. When I checked, it turns out the lady is African-American so I guess this story is not shocking.

  • Lisa

    She needs to lose her job. That’s abuse and sounds more like a personal problem being taken out on the kids. Get help and find a new profession.

  • L

    She must be arrested asap.
    Ape POS trying to reparate her race by forcing her students into slavery. Sick.

  • nikia perry

    That is the same Tammy Holland from Lucille Souders. She was withdrawn always looked as though she was snarling or better than EVERYONE. I COULDN’T WAIT TO REMOVE MY KIDS FROM HER CARE. There is difference between tough and being a witch.

  • Bryan Strauch

    I’m the individual that took the Fayetteville Observer article and posted it to Reddit, which subsequently frontpaged there and then hit yahoo news. . As of today, the Cumberland County (NC) District Attorney’s Office has not received any criminal charges from local law enforcement. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office has responded that they have ‘opened an investigation’ but would not comment further. Please do your part by contacting the DA/Sheriff to make sure due diligence is taken in this investigation. This principal has history.

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