Woman’s funeral a ‘last party’ complete with beer and menthol cigarettes

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Credit: WGNO

NEW ORLEANS — A 53-year-old New Orleans woman was memorialized with a “last party” at her funeral this week, complete with beer, menthol cigarettes and a disco ball, according to WGNO.

Miriam Marie “Mae-Mae” Burbank passed away on June 1. Burbank’s two daughters said Burbank was “full of life” and they wanted her funeral to reflect her life.

The sisters told the funeral home directors at Charbonnet Funeral Home in New Orleans about their mother and planners came up with a way to honor Burbank.

At the funeral, Burbank was sitting at a table in a living room setting holding a menthol cigarette and a glass of beer. A crossword puzzle and Saints helmets were also featured on the table.

Source: WGNO


Credit: WGNO


Credit: WGNO


Credit: WGNO


  • Don't Come For Me

    If you are a true preacher you should know the second her heart stopped she met her maker…. not 2 weeks later propped up in a chair.

  • preacher

    Lifestyle, in the first place I never judged the deceased. Second her own kin told the world that’s how she lived. My statement simply said she could wake up in hell not she will wake up in hell. That means only God owns the right and power to send her to her eternal place. Third, a tree is known by the fruit it bears, so learn the difference between judging and inspecting. Fourth, her own kin said she requested to be embalmed that way, so there you have it. You the one did the judging and probably as always you’re wrong.

  • liviaellis

    I’m very certain her daughters know her better than anyone else commenting on this post ever will and did exactly what they believe their mother would have wanted. I hope when my time comes my children know me so well to give me such a thoughtful sendoff.

  • preacher

    To God be the Glory !
    I’m no longer following this blog.. don’t waste time responding to me.. Repent while their is time!

  • Amen

    No matter what y’all say or think the preacher was right y’all need to check y’all self.. Y’all justhood rats..

    • Burbank

      No on the hood rat, but a man of God should be able to admit to his faults and the so called “preacher” obviously couldn’t do that. And if you yourself are idolizing him to the point where he can do no wrong, then you yourself should meditate and see your own faults. I’d be glad to recommend a bible verse for you. Who even knows if he is an actual preacher?

  • Tiffany

    It definitely caught me off gaurd but this type of stuff to me is “to each his own” If that is ok with that woman and her kids then so be it. I would be more upset if they just threw their mother in the ground without giving any thought to the person that she was in life.

  • Dick

    Preacher I see you have been attacked By these vicious people who are all apparently cousins. But its clearly to be seen that they haven’t read everything you said, because some are saying you didnt give Any condolence to the dead chair ladies fan and I see atleast two times you did.
    They the blind ones not you. I wouldn’t want nobody in my fam to do no creepy Hitchcock funeral like that. I don’t know alot of things but I do know this, you make sense and that what up. And I read somewhere on here dude called you fat and that’s when you said you are former boxer and karate man. Don’t appear to be bragging to me, they need to repeep what you said

    • Burbank

      If you see where he said anything that even resembles a condolence to my family, before he finally said that he’d said he felt for their loss then let me know and I will admit my wrong and apologize. Also i’m the only one to mention any relation to the woman of this article, if the right is not mine to defend her then who’s? I’ve said nothing vicious whatsoever. It was bragging in it’s context, also unnecessary.

    • Replosky

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  • rhondamm2012@gmail.com

    That’s the families business, one question though, how will she go in the casket now? Will it be hard to lay her out?

  • Evangeline Anderson

    Baby I don’t. Know y’all but y’all put your Moma away well y’all made me tell my husband. Bring me to that funeral home that’s how I want to be put a way…
    Job well done!!!!

  • Jax Lady

    Never mind whatever is being said. I’m completely nonjudgmental on this. I would just like to know how this woman died? Anyone know? 50-something is young.

  • pgapro

    I don’t agree with alot of things of this sort and normally wouldn’t comment on this kinda freakish media. But I must
    say that the Preacher has some good wholesome comments that I don’t think any of his attackers realized. Burbank it seems you owe him an apology because I read all of his comments and he did give his respects to the Family but they jumped all over him for saying she could, not she will end up in hell. It also seems he was trying to say she’s gone and need a decent orthodox burial. Why are so upset for God sake that is what Preachers do…

  • wake upeverybody

    Burbank I see you didn’t say you was wrong.. you said you would say you sorry to that preacher man.but you lied ! You must be a Jehovah’s witnesses cause they believe they cananything in life and go to heaven.

  • Maddy

    Yes, I am wondering what she died of also. If the daughters wanted to respect there mother’s last wish that’s there business but, its a bit too GHETTO.

  • wtf

    Why are people saying that’s the family business if it was they business they should had a private syfy funeral and kept out the media. Don’t expect everybody to like this ghetto side show.

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