Lexington mom to wear same dress to graduation that got daughter sent home from school

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Violet Burkhart says she dressed up on the last day of her senior year at Central Davidson High School because she wanted the day to be special.

“I thought my last day was going to be great and exciting, but they pretty much ruined it for me,” said Burkhart.

With two hours left in the day, Burkhart says teachers pulled her aside and measured her dress in the middle of the hallway. Teachers told her that her dress was half an inch too short, then called her mother and said she had to go home and change.

“I literally looked back at the clock and I'm thinking, it's 1:00 in the afternoon on her last day of her senior year. My daughter -- it's supposed to be one of her best days and she's there crying,” said Amy Redwine, Violet’s mother.

Redwine isn’t arguing with the school’s dress code, but said she thinks the situation could have been handled differently. Especially since she says her daughter had worn the dress to school several times before.

“If I thought this dress was inappropriate, I would have never allowed her to wear the dress,” said Redwine.

Since the last day of school didn’t live up to expectations, Redwine is making her daughter’s graduation extra special by wearing the dress that got her in trouble.

“If her dress is too short, then my dress is too short and I'm going to wear it in front of everybody and be proud just like she should have been able to on her last day,” said Redwine.

Central Davidson High School graduation will be held on Saturday.

The school district did not respond to requests for comment regarding this matter.


  • james mills

    well of course the wimps did not respond back. they pulled a fast one on this firl. and now they want to run and hide like they always do.

    • llw

      I think some of the schools are way overboard with the dress code. Her dress was deemed not appropriate but the guys still wear their pants to show their under ware. They are only told to pull them up when noticed. I would rather see a nice short dress than under ware and skin.

  • Tracyjo242

    i didn’t see anything wrong with the dress,I thought it was pretty.not as short as i have seen people wear them…it was way below her finger tips.and and most school as long it it was below finger tips it’s ok..so what’s the problem…

  • sinner 3

    Schools are becoming the new training ground for communist tactics applied to our children ! Likely the teacher used their version of the real rules to insult this young lady ! Now damage done, nothing to say just like a bunch of commies !

  • FaithC

    She wore the dress several times before and now on her last day of school they say she has to go home and change. Sometimes I think that teachers and school officials just need to take their frustrations out on somebody. It almost seems like whoever told her it was to short wanted to upset one more kid before they graduate.
    Or do they just hate the fact that she is young, pretty, looks adorable in that dress and she has her whole life ahead of her. A bunch of bitter old bats.

    • s chappel

      thats what i was thinking….. bunch of bitter people…..use some common sense….was anyone gonna be reprimanded if her 1/2 inch length issue was not reported??? with 2 hrs left in her life as a senior graduate? really? no excuse!

  • Cat Sink

    Graduation is not the place for this Mother to make her statement. Don’t take away from the other Seniors on their special day to fight your kids personal fight. The dress code is est. by the school board, not the individual school. Her dress breaks the established code in more ways than one. So instead of teaching our kids to respect the rules we make a mockery of the system? What if a kid thought “it’s the last day of school and I want to show off the shotgun my Dad gave me for graduation”? Is it on for him to break a school rule because it’s his last day as a Senior? Would it be ok for his Dad to carry the gun to graduation? No! It doesn’t matter the rule, it should be followed and as parents we should encourage our kids to respect the rules and be the best student they can be as they move forward in life.

    • Phil

      Did you read the article ,she had worn it before,it was half inch to short and it was 1 in the afternoon . Sounds like the teacher decided to bully a student on the last day. This mother wearing this dress will in no way disrupt graduation . GO MOM

      • Chris Thomason

        ^^^this 100%

        She is using a form of silent protest. Their will only be a scene if the school decides to make one.

    • Chris Thomas9n

      That is BS… You can’t compare a dress to a gun, it’s a moronic comparison. School dress codes are completly sexist and instead of teaching the boys to control theirselves and be gentleman, girls are shamed and told they are wrong for being confident in their own skin.

    • j r nance (@rnance1950)

      @Cat sink: The Mom can wear Anything she wants to especially on this day for her Daughter & I applaud the Mom for taking a stand. Do you work for the School system, it sure seems like it because you really are taking up for the moronic teachers that are worried about a 1/2 inch too short dress & my thoughts are that the teachers are just Bullying her like someone else commented about & that’s really sad because they are supposed to set an example especially on the LAST DAY of school, I’m sure there are other things these Teachers should be worried about rather then a 1/2 inch dress that they deem too short, they must really have great eyesight to have eyeballed that dress before they measured it, I believe they were lying about the 1/2 inch anyway…..

      • Look where we are now...

        No, Cat Sink does not work for the school system. She works as a fart sniffer for a local printing company, married to someone old enough to be her father (a man who can’t stand her or her children), taking eight years to get a two year degree in nutrition. Cat’s mouth is as big as her behind and she rarely minds her own business! Block that Fox 8!!

  • Teresa

    This does not surprise me at all! Central Davidson High & Middle for that matter are terrible schools! My daughters boyfriend could not make it to graduation rehearsal because of a family issue and the principal would not let him walk! I tried to call and explain to her that it was a family issue and it could not be helped and she did not care and would not listen. I then went to the superintendent and he said there was nothing he could do. Then what good are you and why do you have that position if there was nothing he could do?! They are h*** bent on such stupidness as this but when it comes to bullying they could careless! I despise both Central High and Middle! I hope the mom and daughter get matching dresses and they both wear them!!!!

    • Audrey

      Just because the principle was being unreasonable doesn’t make the school bad. Theirs good and bad at each school. If you talk to most teachers, they don’t agree with most of the rules. Central didnt choose to have a dictator as a principle.

  • Michael Bondurant

    I may be just spitballing here, but is it barely possible they picked on this girl because of her unconventional hair color? I am not saying it is right or fair. but it certainly seems to be a possibility.

  • Brian

    It seems like being a bully isn’t just limited to students anymore. Overzealous school officials seem to be living up to that title pretty readily these days. More parents need to take a stand and hold them accountable. There are processes to file a grievance. If they’re going to act like a bully, they need to face the consequences of being a bully and not leave it at “no comment”.

    • Audrey

      Isn’t it ironic how they try to enforce “no bullying” in school and are the ones to bully the most?

  • Christina Berry

    I agree the school didn’t handle the situation appropriately. It was the last day of school, 2 hours to go, and the girl had previously worn the dress on many occasions. Sending her home was kind of a bully move.

    But the mom wearing the dress to graduation seems a bit over the top to me. What a great way to take the focus off your child. Let it go, move on, and once the girl has diploma in hand, be done with the school. That’s a lot classier way to handle it.

  • Paula Steelersfan Swinson

    The point is if there are rules why must we teach our kids it’s okay to break them? The only thing I see is cleavage but to each is own.Its her daughters day of graduation why take this focus off her day with a petty rule to break. I guess cdhs will go to uniforms in the near future. the only way solve many issues it seems.

    • Lizzy

      seems like a simple but powerful way to show support for your daughter, pretty sure the parents aren’t under a dress code rule, so no rules broken if that’s what would satisfy you. This country was founded by great men breaking rules!

    • amber

      Uniforms don’t really help. Carver implemented uniforms my senior year and it was ridiculous because you colard shirt had to be ROYAL blue, white, black or GOLD and if it was pale yellow or the wrong shade blue kids were put in ISS. The ISS room was jam-packed everyday and the school had to give in to navy blue shirts because so many kids had that instead of ROYAL blue.

      • Radman

        That sounds exactly like the situation I saw in an old movie once: “Luke, what’s your dirt doin’ in boss’ hole?”
        They will try to MAKE you conform to their way of doing things, and try their best to break you if you don’t……

  • The Prophet

    So sick of the word bully. She wore a dress that was too short. The other teachers were scared not to say anything because heaven forbid you say anything to a student now a days. The teacher that said something actually takes their job serious and enforces rules. People today don’t follow rules and challenge everything that is unimportant. Instead of protesting the whole spying thing by the gov, let’s focus on a dress that was clearly against the rules. Everyone’s priorities are so backwards today. Every thing I’ve ever been taught is completely wrong today. What’s wrong with you people? Get it together and focus on the stuff they are trying to take away from you. Make the news by standing up for something important instead of this foolishness. When a dress makes the news, then we have a problem. Wake up.

  • cdhs c/o 13

    I graduated from cdhsls last year. They were all the time calling girls out! Its a terrible school. I guarantee you I know the group of teachers that pulled her aside, Michelle Kirk being one of them. Tabitha Broadway Needs to step off her high horse and get her shit together!

  • cdhs c/o 13

    Oh may I mention Michelle. Kirk isnt even a teacher, shes the “time out coordinator”. Always has to have a title

  • Cdhs 2013 grad

    Just because she’s worn the dress several times doesn’t mean anything. The school can’t go around person to person to see if their outfit is appropriate. I’m really upset how people are saying central is a terrible school, I believe it is one of the best schools out there. I think the only reason there are some students getting upset is because they have also broken the rules of the dress code. It is not that hard to abide by the rules, but kids tend to challenge the rules all the time. Parents should make sure their kids outfit goes by the school rules, then they wouldn’t get a phone call saying their kid needs to go home and change. Just because the dress doesn’t look inappropriate doesn’t mean anything, it’s too short. Period.

  • Richard C.

    In this world rules are made to not be broken by people who think they are too good for the system. Read the rules mom and teach your kid how to follow them correctly or she will be offering me an upgrade to my big-mac combo order and I will have to refuse as always. I teach my kids to follow rules because it gives them boundaries they so desperately crave in order to know there limits. When I grew up they didn’t exist and I’ve been struggling ever since to find my place in society which makes me truly happy.

  • Patricia G

    It’s easy to see what is wrong with the dress, it fits her nicely and those that complained could not have worn it with a figure the young lady has for it. I have seen girls wearing shorter dresses/skirts than that to school. The GREEN EYED MONSTER strikes once again. Good for the MOM!

  • Pocono Charlie

    First off, the school administration is correct in having dress codes. That much said, why did they wait until 1PM (on the last day) to enforce it for this young woman?

    Secondly, the dress was inappropriate in a school setting; that’s my opinion, of course, but it’s school, not a club scene.

    Third, with all due respect to mom, her days of wearing a teenager’s dress have passed her by. Again, that’s my opinion.

    Fourth: her daugther’s last day was ruined? Are you people kidding me? If this is the sort of thing that ruins her day, how in the world is she ready for life after high school?

    • eli

      Yeah have you looked at that mom. I swear she looks like a dude. Look close. The daughter is cute though

  • Boomer

    All I can say is “Are you friggin kidding me?” This is a total load of bovine scatology. That girl looked cute in that dress and she can flip the principal and the fat assed teacher the bird. Young Lady and Mom – be glad it was her last day in that hell hole.

  • Tammy Cleveland

    Oh my gosh. I reside in florida where that dress would be very long and conservative. I think there is a middle ground and this dress is clearly appropriate.

  • A teacher who has been there

    I agree that the dress did not look too short. As a high school teacher, however, I have seen how students push limits–especially seniors during their last few days. I have seen how students adjust their outfits to make a compliant outfit into one that flaunts and violates the policies. I have also seen that the contract that I sign obliges me to enforce the school’s rules and have seen the deleterious those policies not being enforced. If you want education, order, discipline, and safety in a school, the rules need to be enforced even on the last day. Teachers do not become teachers so that they can enjoy some power-trip and make students miserable. Almost all of the teachers that I have known have a passion for passing on the wonders of knowledge. They understand and seek to mold the sometimes quirky actions of teens. Many of them endure suffering because of the ill actions of students and agonize over how to best respond in a way that balances the need for discipline with mercy for mistakes.

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