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Lexington mom to wear same dress to graduation that got daughter sent home from school

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Violet Burkhart says she dressed up on the last day of her senior year at Central Davidson High School because she wanted the day to be special.

“I thought my last day was going to be great and exciting, but they pretty much ruined it for me,” said Burkhart.

With two hours left in the day, Burkhart says teachers pulled her aside and measured her dress in the middle of the hallway. Teachers told her that her dress was half an inch too short, then called her mother and said she had to go home and change.

“I literally looked back at the clock and I'm thinking, it's 1:00 in the afternoon on her last day of her senior year. My daughter -- it's supposed to be one of her best days and she's there crying,” said Amy Redwine, Violet’s mother.

Redwine isn’t arguing with the school’s dress code, but said she thinks the situation could have been handled differently. Especially since she says her daughter had worn the dress to school several times before.

“If I thought this dress was inappropriate, I would have never allowed her to wear the dress,” said Redwine.

Since the last day of school didn’t live up to expectations, Redwine is making her daughter’s graduation extra special by wearing the dress that got her in trouble.

“If her dress is too short, then my dress is too short and I'm going to wear it in front of everybody and be proud just like she should have been able to on her last day,” said Redwine.

Central Davidson High School graduation will be held on Saturday.

The school district did not respond to requests for comment regarding this matter.


  • melanie silva

    central Davidson is a good school and has some excellent teachers. The administration however is severely lacking in common sense. This is just one more example of what bad decisions the administration makes. I hope the new superintendent is paying attention, our children deserve better, and we as parents need to step up and demand that our children fairly and reasonably.

  • Tim in Colorado

    I am a generally conservative Christian reading about this story in Colorado, a state where libertinism has won the day, with libertarians more or less joining forces with liberals to make not merely medicinal but recreational pot use legal, and the state is now having to cope with the problem of teen drivers under its influence and grade school aged children ingesting the mind-altering substance in marijuana-laced cookies and snacks. Meanwhile, in the city of Chicago teen murders are taking place at an incredible rate; in Eastern cities, slugging people with bare fists to knock them out on a dare — sometimes upon racist impulses and sometimes with fatal results — has become a popular “game” among teens. Along the southern border of the U.S., hundreds of unaccompanied children, including many teens, are entering the country illegally at great risk to their health and safety, and any number of them are being bused to cities unknown not only to them but to the American public, some perhaps even subjected to human trafficking and forced prostitution. Young people just 18 years of age join our military services and are subjected to live fire in war zones in places like Afghanistan around the world.

    And here we have a bunch of nattering pharisees at a high school in the South — where charm schools and beauty pageants seem still to reinforce gender stereotypes and, perhaps also (if I may be so bold and go so far as to say) subtle yet legal forms of prostitution — worried about a dress that’s been worn to school on several previous occasions that supposedly offends the dress code — by a half-inch? By whose account, anyway? Was the young lady given due process at all in the enforcement of the rule? And on the last day of school, two hours before dismissal? In my humble and conservative opinion, heads should roll for this — and I don’t mean that of the student or her mom, I mean the mean-spirited, hair-splitting pharisees who have no clue how to handle either their jobs or people! My impression of this whole thing? Straining at a gnat while the country swallows camels!

    Look . . . while drawing water for a drink on a journey from Jerusalem to his Galilean homeland, Jesus encountered a Samaritan woman at a well who had been committing outright adultery with several men who were not her husband. Upon another occasion, another young woman who had been caught in the act of outright adultery was dragged into the Temple court into Jesus’ presence by self-righteous, pharisaical zealots who wanted to stone her right there and then. What did Jesus offer these women? In a word, forgiveness. Not a lecture about discipline within the ranks, respect for the established order, blah, blah, blah. He offered mercy, based on repentance and sober, sound judgment. Believe me, there are times when respect for the established order and discipline within the ranks count — as in the cases of Edward Snowden and Bowe Bergdahl — but this is not one of them. The school official who tried to make this young lady an example ought himself or herself to be made an example of — and should be summarily fired!

    • Anthony Conti

      Hypocrite. In one breath you say your jesus offered forgiveness and mercy and in the next you want “heads to roll”. Doesn’t your jesus forgive everyone? Oh that’s right, the Christians pick and choose who should be forgiven according to their agenda. Typical Christian response, responding with violence.

      • Michael Rowells

        Seriously…this is what you come up with? As another person said, it was a figure of speech. I will be more blunt. You lack intelligence and understanding. You simply want to inflame the situation. You simply want to bash a Christian. Look at your comments “your Jesus”, etc. You are the problem…not the original poster.

      • Nurse

        I’m sure he didn’t actually want people beheaded. Christianity is about forgiveness, but it is also about accountability. Im not sure what is up, but you may consider taking a theology class. Understanding religions might help you undemonize them.

      • Sophie Katt

        Obviously there were too many big words in here for you. Did you even read this post? Or a better question – are you CAPABLE of reading this post? Get someone to help you with the big multi-syllabic words, and get back to us when you are able to comprehend the meaning of Tim in Colorado’s post.
        Now you’ve made yourself look like an ignoramus. Nice going.

      • Adonis7

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    • Eric

      1. Colorado does not sell weed to underage individuals, so that claim is nonsense.
      2. Kids ingesting pot foods? Not the state’s fault – try some parental supervision and personal accountability. If you buy drugs, don’t leave them where your kids can grab them, same as a bottle of scotch. Not complicated.
      3. The “knock out game” was a media event, not a real trend. It happened maybe a dozen times in the course of a few weeks, then stopped. Don’t get caught up in the media hype and do some actual research beyond the evening news.
      4. None of these ‘arguments’ have anything to do with a school dress code. It’s all a non-sequitur.

      • T-roy

        I believe Tim was suggesting that on the last day of her senior year with 2 hrs left in the day, the length of her dress is or should have been unimportant. Given all the other really important social/economic troubles facing America’s youth. None of his arguments as you suggest may be pertinent to the dress length, but, it is a growing reflection of what is becoming important in America…dress lengths vs. safety of our children ?
        P.S. If you think underage individuals in Colorado are not buying should get out more.

      • D.R.

        The “knock out game” was a media event, not a real trend. It happened maybe a dozen times in the course of a few weeks, then stopped.
        Hmm . . . FBI Databases, and numerous Police Reports say otherwise.

  • Smitty

    The dress is too short according to the policy. She should be happy she was able to get away with it before. In my opinion, it also is way too low cut.

    • Kitty

      Smitty, I agree with you. That dress is just NOT appropriate for school. It would be fine for a school dance or party but way NOT for school.

    • news2me

      A young female HS student in WSFC was told that she needed to go to the office, call her parents, as her tank top was very inappropriate…What happened?? The teacher was the child had told her parents the teacher had said they were bad parents……and the office believed the student lie and not the teacher….. Teacher did not care if they wore thongs to class after that fiasco … Teacher teaches in another state now….totally different set of rules..

  • Terry John

    The dress looks great to me..I guess she could have worn a Burka. Would that make all you Liberals happy.

    • mojorisin73

      Nothing wrong with the dress or Colorado in my opinion. I’ve been to Colorado, It’s a wonderful place. It was just the one who posted from Colorado that made the whole state look bad by condemning freedom while preaching the bible.

  • P.L. Taylor

    That’s a good indication that those particular educators have very poor judgement. It’s almost like, “Well, it’s graduation, the kids are leaving and we won’t have any control over them, so let’s take one last opportunity to show them “real power” and who’s the boss. Pitifully small people. She’s got a great mom. With that kind of support and hard work ethic, no wonder she’s an “A” student.

  • Bobbb8886

    last day of senior year, the kid thought she could get a way with something. The teacher was just looking out for the kid. It’s over, let it go.

  • Farrel

    I liked the dress. I thought it looked good on both daughter and mom. Making her leave school in the afternoon on her last day is ridiculous. But good grief, I graduated HS in 1971 and in those days girls with “too short” skirts were made to kneel on their knees, the hems were measured to the floor and if they were too short they had to go home. It certainly didn’t make national news.

  • Sheryl Scanlon

    Why is this news worthy? Fox needs to do better at choosing stories. We have a girl getting a high school diploma who is too stupid to know the dress code by the last day of school. Like mother like daughter… that dress looks terrible and trashy. Can’t believe they would run to the news with this story… I would be embarrassed if I were them.

  • Hannah

    As a Central High student, I want to defend my school. The true story is that yes the dress was short but the real problem was that her cleavage was not at an appropriate level and that it had spaghetti straps. The teacher that approached her about the issue did not force her to go home. The teacher offered her clothes to change into but she refused to change. Please do not put down anyone until you know the whole story. Thank you

  • Di B

    Looks, like Hannah (see her post above) is a better reporter than those who got paid to write and post the story. She included details that should have been included. (I am taking her at her word that this is what really happened.) So much that we are “fed” as news is abbreviated like this. We deserve all the details, don’t we?

  • Hayley

    I am disappointed in Fox 8, and I’m disgusted that this mother and daughter team made national news, especially without the other side of the story. Schools everywhere are struggling to enforce consistent dress code without help from some parents, media, or less-than-modest fashion trends. The purpose of dress code policies is to help students (and teachers) focus on teaching and learning…rather than cleavage or other distractions. (The issue with this dress is much more about spaghetti straps and a low neckline than the length, but that wasn’t reported.) I get the mother’s frustration with being called so late in the day. However, all it takes is a jacket or shrug to disguise a dress that doesn’t meet dress code…until it is removed later in the day! It is also really uncomfortable for a male teacher to have to address such an issue and risk being accused of inappropriately looking at a girl. Teachers I know did NOT get their education degrees because they want to be dress code “police”…or deal with mothers like this one. They want to teach and already have the burden of dealing with all of the woes of society in the process.
    This kind of reporting just encourages more difficulties for schools in trying to have any kind of dress code policy and discourages good people from becoming teachers or staying in public education. Please be responsible reporters!

  • news2me

    Geez…Two hours to go…The principal could have just had the student put on one of the numerous t-shirts available to all of the sports players…Some principals lack good judgement but seem enjoy the Power Role… They are not the best principals……Teachers know the good, fair minded, and intelligent ones..but who listens to them?? They hire principals that are 28 these days with zero experience… You know…Spend a Dollar to Save a Dime attitude..

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