Storms Tuesday wreak havoc in Kernersville

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- As of Wednesday morning, almost 1,000 people were still without power in Kernersville as a result of overnight thunderstorms.

We toured the town to check out the hardest hit spots and came across the Perkins family on Hastings Hill Road.

Logan Perkins says he was watching basketball when the storm came in.

"The wind started picking up, the rain started hitting my window and then the next thing you know it was hail," said Logan.

The strikes of lighting shook the family's home, causing their lights to flicker, before the power completely went out.

"Just hearing the noise, I knew it was more than just wind or rain," said David Perkins, Logan's father.

The family sat tight as the storm rolled over, which only took a few minutes.

"My dad's car alarm was going off. And, you know, we thought it was the hail at first and then I realized, nope, the tree's on top of my dad's car," said Logan.

A hundred-plus foot tall tree had been picked up out of the ground and dropped onto two of the Perkins' three vehicles.

The storm ripped a path down the road of trees and debris.

The Perkins' know if the trees had fallen a different way, they could have lost much more than a couple vehicles.

"Two of us, because that's who was in the living room, could've been dead," said David.

The family says they have insurance, but are not sure how much of the damage and cleanup will be covered.