Should students have been suspended for wearing this shirt?

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Credit: WXMI

UNION CITY, Mich. – A group of high school students in Michigan were suspended for wearing a T-shirt to school, according to WXMI.

Union City High School’s class of 2015 T-shirts read:

“The girls are hot. The boys are fine. We’re the class of 6 + 9.”

Administrators told students the shirts featured “potential sexual innuendo.”

A student wore the shirt to school on Friday despite the warning from administrators. The student was suspended on Friday.

In response to the student’s suspension, the entire class wore the T-shirts to school on Monday.

Administrators waited for the students to walk inside the school and then suspended everyone wearing the T-shirts.

The students were suspended June 10, the last day of school.

Superintendent Peter Kreger told WXMI the students were warned and they were being insubordinate by wearing the shirt.

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  • Carmen Monoxide

    “Administrators told students the shirts featured “potential sexual innuendo.”
    That statement has sexual innuendo. Suspend the administrators.

  • Meh

    The adult in me wants to point out that it is indeed a sexually suggestive shirt and very inappropriate to wear to school and that suspensions were warranted.

    The immature part of me wants to just say “Innuendo? In your end…oh!”

    The conflict…

  • Debbie

    I think it is a shame that we see the “potential sexual innuendo” and not the cleverness. I know that I grew up in a different time but I can tell you that I was the better side of 21 before I knew what that “innuendo” meant! This is what our world has become.

  • Suzi

    I had a t-shirt that said “Go to Hell World….I’m a Senior”….yes, I wore it to school back in 1978…before kids opened fire on their schools, before Common Core, Before EOGs…Yes! Back in the day when the high school had a smoking area & we ate fatty, salty lunches….& my (public) high school had an average of 87% of students going n to attend college…

    • wanda

      That’s awesome and just like if the year that this class of students that got suspended from were class of 69 then what. So they are trying to say that the year 69 is sexual well then it’s the past. Yes people use those two numbers to mean a different thing but it’s also yin and yang am I right.

  • marie

    i think it was cute and leave the kids alone they are not hurting any one, drugging up, or drinking. be happy about that.

  • Mike

    The mascot at my high school was the Cougar, so we were known as the Cougars, is there sexual innuendo in that??? The girls of my senior class all had t-shirt that were a copy of a hooters t-shirt that said COOGARS on it with a cat instead of an owl behind the lettering. They all seemed to come in a size too small. Wrong? Heck no, best days were when 3 or 4 co-eds wore them to class.

  • Carmen Monoxide

    All your comments contained sexual innuendo. I will have ALL of you suspended and you ALL will be stripped of your Princess Points!

  • wanda

    Ok so it’s like this yes it could have been a potential sexual statement and yes thwy could have done it just for that reason but and there is a big butt there (in maturity) they were being creative and with the teachers automatically directing it towards a sexual statement who honestly has the dirty mind the kids or the teachers? What are they going to do to them when school starts back. Suspend them yet again on the first day of class just like they did on the last day.

  • Cynthia Clark

    Why the 6+9?
    Warn them, then suspend.
    How old are these kids? Maybe the parents should have stopped them.

    • Hi-Power

      Cynthia, I am assuming (yes I know what that means, :)) they are Juniors, therefore the Class of 2015.

  • Hi-Power

    I think it was cute (& clever) to create the t-shirts, and I also think the Administration had no choice but to suspend them since they had already warned the students.

    “The students were suspended June 10, the last day of school.” A fitting end to the school year.

  • Hope Hogan

    Does not matter the reason for the making of the shirt, they wore the shirt after being told not to do so,, I would not have let my kid wear the shirt to school if they were told not to, and yes they knew what 6+9 implies, there may still be some ignorant parents, but kids these days know way more than they should

  • Imblack

    Take all the fun out of high school…that’s why some are doing other crazy things. Lighten up a little, I’m sure the parents of these kids talked to them about the “6+9” and what others may see. We wore condoms on our sunglasses like the group TLC and my friends and I were virgins

    • its my business

      woohoo!!! My son was expended on his last day of school for dressing and acting like “Party Boy” It meant nothing. Actually, I helped him with the outfit. Most teachers were loving it – – – except for one …

      • AshMegJo

        When I think of Party Boy I think of a speedo and bowtie. Hahaha. Hope that wasn’t the outfit! ;)

  • Tberryjack

    I’m going against most of you on here. I was a Senior in High School a few years back and I know what those kids probably meant by those words and most of you do too. Yes it was a cute play one words but these kids had been warned and knew what would happen if they wore the shirt. No one here can say that wasn’t what it meant to those kids, because you’re not in their mind but EVERYONE know’s what the 6+9 on the shirt meant. Why not make a ryhme using 20-5, or 7+8 it’s because it didn’t mean the same sexual meaning. You can try to justify it all you want in any way you want to but you STILL know what those kids meant by it or you’re just ignorant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all 2+2 6+9 but NOT at High + School because we all know what 6+9=

  • MHMC

    It’s a lesson the kids will learn- and a very good one at that. Freedom of speech is our right; The consequences are our responsibility. Say what you feel you need to say, and more power to you. But people suffer everyday for standing up for their rights. It goes with the territory.

  • Lynda

    They should be able to wear it, FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Stop worrying about what the kids are wearing and eating and just worry about teaching them what they need to learn.

  • Old Timer

    I was born in 1969 and remember being very confused when 5 girls were suspended in middle school for putting Class of ’69 on their jackets on Halloween. I had to ask my best friend’s mom why.

  • Nathan Peltack

    idk it is a very cute shirt maybe they should have left the 6+9 out then I don’t think the school would have had a issue with it but very clever shirt they made I love it..

    • ubuibme420

      If they left out the 6 + 9 then it wouldn’t rhyme. Get it? The word had to rhyme with fine. Nine rhymes with fine, see, it’s a poem. 6 + 9 = 15. 15 means class of 2015, they will graduate next year. Nothing wrong with the shirt, something wrong with PC people.

  • Robby Demole

    What are they gonna do when the class of 2069 comes along…..and what happened to the class of 1969

  • Seth

    Back in my day, the Supreme Court ruled that students had Freedom of Speech (schools tried to prohibit a particular underground newspaper). Around the same time, the Supreme Court ruled that a statement written on clothing was speech (“Fuck the draft”).

  • Amy Kilby Myers

    whom ever approved it didn’t know what 69 was . no, they should have never been aloud to wear. kids all ways think they out smart adults. well maybe a few. but as your elders we have seen it, done it, invented it. so your not funny, your not cute. its not clever, we know what you well trying to get across to your peers. your mom and teacher must know each other wow. you reap what you sow

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