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Two more walls of historic Kilby Hotel in High Point collapse

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Around 3:15 p.m., two more walls of the Kilby Hotel collapsed.

Crews were preparing to take down one of the walls damaged early Wednesday when a large portion of the historic hotel collapsed.

Officials say the wall and roof of the 104-year-old hotel, which is located on Washington Drive, caved in overnight. A witness said he heard the collapse just after midnight.

Two additional walls collapsed around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday.

The exact cause has not been determined, but officials believe Tuesday night’s severe storms contributed to the collapse.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a California-based group expressed interest in saving the hotel in downtown High Point.

The hotel, first deemed unsafe in 2012, has been unstable and in danger of collapsing for awhile, according to structural engineers. The roof of the building partially collapsed over a year ago.


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  • Benny

    Tear this mess down…all it is now is a place for the homeless and drug addicts to hide out and smoke their crack!

    • sinner 3

      Tell’em Benny, the place should have been demolished 30 years ago ! Somebody tied into this mess has friends on the city council and money under the table, phony inspections for years on this wreck of a place !

  • SherryB

    It should have been demolished when it first partially collapsed last year, it was marked unsafe in 2012 to begin with..All these people and groups who want to “save” all of these so-called historic eyesores and deathtraps to homeless or addicts, or even kids who ignore signs of Do Not Enter/Condemned should be given a time frame to either renovate them or they will be torn down. This continued trying to find funding, or find someone to do the work is nothing but a stalling technique. Have the funding and the workers lined up if you want to “save” something..

  • Richard Bostik

    The owners had hired an independent “expert” a year ago who told us that the walls were sound. Oh well, another “expert” who turns out to be far less than self advertised. We recently had another one here in town who told us how to “save” our city with street diets and used shipping containers.

    A shame to see it go, but the owner’s neglect of the structure over the past 30 years put it in this state, all the while they enjoyed a property tax break the savings of which should have been used to safeguard the structure.

  • Tracey Tucker

    It’s a shame to loose such a historic landmark. We have some beautiful old buildings in High Point and it is sad that some go unnoticed and unappreciated.

    • question

      Why do you think it is historic in High Point its in the Washington Street area nothing more than a dangerous section of town for 50 years !

  • Richard Bostik

    Most likely it will cost the taxpayers even more now. They will want to rebuild it from the ground up and with our money.

    The storm didn’t cause this… the thing had been deemed in danger of collapse for nearly two years. Just a coincidence that the latest parts to succumb happened the same night as a storm.

  • SherryB

    More has fallen recently, debris is everywhere. The owner should be held responsible for every cent of the clean-up..You don’t “save” a building by doing nothing, and trying to find funding after the fact is doing nothing..

    • Chucky

      High Point has been throwing tax payer money away for years…. they have just been tossing it toward the furniture market rather than buildings or streets.

    • SherryB

      So right Sinner3. G’boro has the Civil Rights Museum that is nothing but a hand-me-more-money venture..Can’t even support itself from the very people who wanted it so bad, they don’t go there…

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