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Group to question High Point leaders about backing off downtown revitalization plans

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- A grassroots group in High Point is hoping to convince city council that downtown revitalization is not something to give up on.

The group We Heart High Point is concerned because of a move made in May to reposition the director of City Project. Opposition to the move has helped the group attract more than 600 people to their Save the City Project Facebook page.

The revitalization nonprofit will remain in place but the move in effect directs the leaders to look at improvement away from downtown and across the City Core area identified in a 2007 report focused on revitalization.

"All this group is trying to do is keep the momentum going," said David Rosen, one of the We Heart High Point organizers. "We want change to happen. We want revitalization. We want to have a city, a downtown that people want to come to."

The We Heart High Point group has invited the public to hear from a handful of city council members and the mayor at a meeting Thursday. The town hall meeting will last from 6 to 8 p.m. at the High Point Museum at 1859 E. Lexington Ave.

City leaders will answer questions prepared by the group focused on revitalization.

"We've got a lot of questions that have been asked,” said Rosen. ”We have a lot of concerned citizens that are wondering what's going on with the revitalization here in High Point."

Jay Wagner is one of those city council members set to attend. He disagreed with the personnel move and believes the idea is a step backwards.

"This is something that we need to discuss," said Wagner. "I think there are some people on council that don't believe in the vision that's been expressed and I think if that's true, show us your research, show us what you've done to prove that your way is a better way."


  • Chucky

    Start by having a monthly, Saturday farmers’ market in the parking lot of Show Place with live music and food vendors. Make it more like a celebration. Surrounding restaurants and other businesses could set up booths there as well. The problem is that High Point has absolutely nothing to draw people to Downtown or Main St. other than the furniture market. It will take years and lots of commitment to revitalize High Point. It’s citizens go elsewhere for entertainment and shopping because there is not much of a variety there. Trust me, I live there so I know.

  • milroose

    You interviewed Mr. Wagner. The same city councilman that gets up and walks out of a City Council meeting when he did not get his way. We will remember in November Mr. Wagner. Also, the City Council is not against revitalization they just want to make sure when they do spend taxpayer money there is also private investors that will take over and develop the area where the city has spent money. As of now no substantial private investment has been committed to any of the core area’s…..Translated…The City Project people want the taxpayer to flip the bill.

  • Amanda

    Let’s continue the push but let’s not forget how the city council ended up in its current position. The only way to achieve results is to have a clear defined mission. Make the goals clear, concise and very public so those of us who want/need can change can easily help to achieve those goals! My business is happy to step up and help you in achieving those goals… Let’s get them out there!

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