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20 students taken to hospital after first grader brings heroin to school; mother, boyfriend charged

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PHILADELPHIA — Twenty first graders were taken to a Philadelphia hospital Tuesday after a six-year-old student brought 11 packs of heroin to an elementary school, according to KYW-TV.

Police say they were called to the school after a teacher saw one of her students playing with the packets. Two of the packets had been opened and one had been chewed on.

Parents were shocked to learn their children may have been exposed to the drug, which has the potential to be deadly. All 20 students taken to the hospital were examined and released.

A female first grader was identified as the student who brought the drugs to the school.

Narcotics and endangerment charges have been filed against the girl’s mother, Marie Hunter, 32, and her mother’s boyfriend, Christopher White, 28, KYW-TV reports.

A search of the mother and boyfriend’s home led to the seizure of more drugs.


  • autism_mom

    sending them to jail does not get them off the state’s welfare list. They will then get free housing, meals, clothing, medical care, etc and any children will be put into the system and supported as well.

    • Jeremy

      Too True! And since they will become the responsibility of the state, they only have a fifty percent chance of being better off. And the parents will end up with a free bed, three meals a day, medical care, representation, no taxes, free cable, phones, free security from anyone wanting to do them harm, for the next 6 months to a year while they wait to go to an arraignment. And if they don’t do anything “bad” while incarcerated can be released early once sentenced for “good behavior” just to go back out into society and break bad all over again, and again, and again. Gotta love the Judicial System.

  • Anon

    Don’t feed the trolls. Oan, they should of been charged with attempted murder, & conspiracy to commit murder.

  • Karen Burke

    I wonder if people would react the same way if it were marijuana baggies instead of heroine. By first grade, you’d figure a child would know better than to stick an item that is unrecognizable as food into their mouth.

    • whatshername

      Really?1? People would not react the same way because marijuana is not deadly. Also heroin looks like sugar or what is inside a pixie stick so kids would probably try to taste it whereas weed doesn’t look like any kind of cnady a child eats.

  • only HE can judge me and I care

    Killing me with the comments who the hecklers said they received public assistance. .. oh they black so you must have to pay for them right. .get over yourself

  • Nevae

    I don’t get it what gives u the Idea that they are on walfare?? Let me guess the colors of their skin n who says it is their fault that the child took the drug to yes they are wrong for having drugs needless to say around their child but at the same time children don’t see these little baggies as a drug for all we know they could have thought it was a type of candy how about the teacher how much attention was she paying to her students in order for them to even get a hold of the little packages?? But back to this walfare bs some of u are posting not everybody on walfare are just trying to use the system some people actually do struggle day by day just because you walkin round widd pockets full of money fancy cars n nice things does not make u any better I bet if y’all could get a little Medicare food stamps ect. You wouldn’t be talkin so much trash.

    • Nope

      “I bet if y’all could get a little Medicare food stamps ect. You wouldn’t be talkin so much trash.”

      Hopefully that came out wrong, if not, wow.

      Most people don’t strive to be on welfare or food stamps. If that’s your main achievement in life then you’re a sad little person. Go get a job and be productive…

    • NRA4ever

      yes nevae (or “naive”) — I’m sure they earn their keep by working hard in a legal fashion. Lord save us from your “critical thought” process.

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