Tenn. woman points gun at bride during wedding photoshoot

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SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) — Every bride hopes for a memorable wedding day, but one woman’s desire for the perfect photo had her staring down the barrel of a gun.

The couple and their wedding party were taking pictures near an old red caboose in the middle of a Bedford County field when they say a woman with a gun showed up.

“I’ve been around here for a while, and I think this is the first wedding call we’ve received,” said Bedford County Sheriff’s Capt. Tony Barrett.

According to investigators, the caboose is on private property, and the owners live in Brentwood. When neighbor Myra Jean Neal came and told the wedding party to leave, they told her they would “soon.”

“But evidently soon wasn’t quick enough,” Barrett said.

A deputy’s report says Neal pointed the gun at the wedding party’s truck then directly at the bride’s head.

“If they thought there was some sort of damage or they were up to no good – it’s pretty obvious that the lady’s in a wedding dress, and she’s got a wedding party there with her,” Barrett said.

Neal declined to comment on the altercation.

“The lady should’ve called the sheriff’s department for trespassers and not try to take it into her own hands,” Barrett said.

As for the bride and groom, they’ll soon be moving from Nashville to California, and they now have quite the wedding tale to tell.

“A lot of people have wedding stories. She’ll have a good one,” Barrett said.

Witnesses tell Channel 4 News the gun was never pointed at the bride. They say it was pointed up at the sky.

Neal doesn’t have a criminal history. She’s now charged with two counts of reckless endangerment.


  • Hewitt

    Charge them all with crimes….wedding party with trespassing on private party and this dumb neighbor with reckless endangerment. Case closed!

  • Pamela Renee Key

    they were trespassing…. she asked them to leave… bridal party or NOT… they were on private property…. just because she was a bride and they were a bridal party DOES NOT GIVE THEM PRIVILEGE — thats what is wrong with people these days, they feel like they are ENTITLED to everything just because they ARE…. well they are NOT— they told her SOON.– come on– they should of left… well she just as soon went and got her gun to get them off her property…. charge them all — but the property owner will most likely get off due to the fact that it was her right to protect her property– she did the right thing asking them to leave… they broke the law by a- coming onto private property and B- when asked to leave they admitted to telling her SOON… that meant they were not leaving right then….

    • Wulfe

      Ever hear the phrase “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”? It looks like an open field and in 30 minutes they would have been gone, or if you didn’t like that, call the Sheriff and say trespassers. In addition, it looks as if she was the neighbor, not even the owner. There was no threat of life and she gives gun owners a bad name. That is how things escalate.

    • Mark Stabler

      If it wasn’t her property it was not her concern. She does not have the right to parade around town and tell people to leave the property of someone else.

    • Wulfe

      I don’t think anyone would disagree with that, but this wouldn’t even be news unless the lady pulls a gun on the wedding party to move on. Then again, someone asks you to leave their property you promptly do so.

  • Jim

    If ANYONE trespasses on my land and does not leave when I tell them to, they are subject to a gun pointed in their direction. These newlywed slobs belong in California with the rest of the pretentious, self serving trash. What a joke.

    • Steve

      Did you read the article? The lady whom pointed the gun at the wedding party was the neighbor, not the property owner.

  • JT

    Surprised at how many “attagirls” this crazy woman has here. Well, maybe not–people in this area read “gun” and they immediately go bananas. Still, what is so scary is how many of them don’t know the law regarding the use of deadly force and still presumably own guns. I mean, you know you cannot go on someone else’s property with a weapon and demand that people leave unless you’ve been given permission by the property owner to do so, right? But who needs knowledge of the law? I have a gun and that makes me big, bad, powerful, and most importantly, right. Murca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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