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Student, gunman both dead in Oregon high school shooting

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TROUTDALE, Ore. (KPTV) — A gunman entered Reynolds High School and killed a student on Tuesday morning, and Troutdale police confirmed the gunman himself is also dead.

Several law enforcement agencies responded to reports of an active shooter at the school in Troutdale at 8:07 a.m. Police officers and tactical teams then evacuated the school of all students and staff.

Though the situation is “stabilized,” according to the sheriff’s office, the lockdown persists and it will take at least two hours to search and clear the school.

The wife of a vice principal at Reynolds High School said she first received a text message from her husband that said there was an active shooter and the school was in lockdown.

There’s no word yet on the gunman’s motive, and police haven’t said whether he is a student at the school.

“This is a tragic day, one I hoped that would never, ever be part of my experience,” said Superintendent Linda Florence.

A P.E. teacher at the school, Todd Rispler, was grazed by a bullet in the shooting, his neighbors told FOX 12.

In the wake of the shooting, parents were told to meet students at the Wood Village Fred Meyer located at Northeast 223rd Avenue and Glisan Street. Everyone else is asked to stay away from the area.

As news of the shooting spread, public figures started sending out statements expressing their condolences.

Governor John Kitzhaber sent out a tweet that read, “My thoughts and prayers are with students, staff and the Reynolds High School community during this difficult time.”

Portland mayor Charlie Hales issued a statement on Facebook, saying, “There are no words to fully express our sorrow over the shootings at Reynolds High School. We want the students, the parents and the educators — in fact, the whole community — to know that they are in our hearts and prayers today.”

Reynolds High School is located at 1698 SW Cherry Park Road in Troutdale, which is a suburb of Portland.

Wednesday is the last day of school at Reynolds High. Graduation is planned for Thursday.



  • Chucky

    Something has got to be done about these things. When is enough, enough? In most of these types of shootings, there are warning signs before the offenders strike out and we are not catching them. After the fact, videos, letters, manifestos or even reports of concern have been revealed and nothing was done to prevent them from happening.

  • Pandle

    USA the most civilized nation on Earth? Barbarians. Shouldn’t be trusted with egg whisks, let alone guns.

    • mojorisin73

      Another sheeple buying into the mainstream media government run propaganda machine…..smh “One who gives up liberty for temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security” Benjamin Franklin

      • mojorisin73

        That’s what the mainstream media government run propaganda machine is trying to do is to keep people ignorant so he or she could and would not think and question things going on. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we are having all of these shootings right in the middle of the gun control debate. The mainstream media is also going after the alternative media in all this now blaming freedom and liberty groups and sights like for people getting shot instead of the the one who is responsible for the killing.

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