Dad shoots, kills man who held gun to teen daughter’s head

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ST. LOUIS — An attempted home invasion turned into a shooting investigation after a man shot two men, killing one and leaving the other in critical condition, as they held his daughter at gunpoint and tried to get inside the family’s home.

KTVI reports the shootings happened around 11 p.m. Monday.

A 17-year-old girl was outside getting something from her car when she was confronted by two armed men who held a gun to her head and told her to return to her home.

The girl’s father saw the suspects walking his daughter toward the home and went to get his gun. He fired several shots at the suspects, hitting both of them.

The girl’s mother also grabbed a gun and fired a round but did not hit either suspect.

The first suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

The second suspect ran away, got into the first suspect’s car and contacted his brother to take him to the hospital. He is in critical condition with gunshot wounds to the chest and both thighs. Police say he will face charges.

No one in the home was injured.



    I’d say dad had very good control over his gun, mom just fired off a warning shot. People are getting more and more tired of thugs trying to take what they have worked for and are doing what they need to do to protect themselves and their families. Good for you parents, glad all is well.

  • scott

    There have not been 74 shooting since sandy hook. CNN even did a story on that being a lie. Give me a break.

    • Stephen Menchaca

      This Liberal has no problem with it. This is one of many reasons that I believe in the private ownership of firearms.

      • Noel

        @Stephen…Then that makes you what I call a John F. Kennedy liberal. The Liberals of today are socialist progressives. Those are the ones that need to leave this country and not come back.

    • Mark

      As a liberal, I think personal firearms for home defense are perfectly valid. This is a clear case where it saved a life. But note that an assault rifle with a large-capacity magazine was not necessary.

      • Jim filey

        Mark, the story does not say what type of firearm the father used, it could of been a AR, AK, SKS, ect… I see you dont like assult rifles? Please define assult rifle? Like most liberals, you confuse function vs looks.

    • SandyTodd (@sandnseaOR)

      I bet if the man’s daughter had been killed in the crossfire, he’d be singing a different tune. One incident that turns out okay does not make this a good idea in all cases. And there is NO liberal who want this man charged for murder when there’s a kidnap victim involved.

    • Sam

      You are on. I bet ya no liberal will ask for him to be tried for murder, unless the instigation turns out to be fake story and it was pure murder.. to me it’s hard to believe someone had a gun to his daughters head and the father and mother shoots the suspects hitting them multiple times including legs and somehow missed the daughter.. but we don’t know the full story. but yes I BET YA if the story is true and accurate Liberals will not be asking for Murder trial… you are ON.. I hate it when NRA/TEA party just runs their mouth without anything to back it up

  • The Angry American (@LastWave2014)

    Its quite funny how the Media doesnt run Nation wide with these stories and yet, when Police are killed or kids are killed..they instantly carry the story for weeks at a time. Thank-you Fox 8 For caring enough to run this story and let people know..without stories like this, people are left clueless thinking that everyone with a gun are nothing but criminals.. This story to me proves that the American people should NEVER give up their guns when it comes to protecting their family!!

  • Joe Smith

    Lot of good comments by a lot of under educated people. It is NOT A CLIP IT IS A MAGAZINE. Get educated

    • Jason Kib-Nasty

      I didn’t read anywhere in the article what kind of gun it was. If it was a handgun, then the bullets were either in a cylinder or clip. If it was a rifle, a magazine. Try getting yourself an education guy.

      • Johnny R

        I was also in Nam, yes it was a clip, most people call it clip,in a pistol, Mag in a Rifle, but a tube is also considered a magazine . But if it has a button release , be it rifle or pistol it’s a clip !

      • Jesse

        The reason it was a “clip” in WWII & Vietnam is because an M1 Garand has a clip. Very few rifles have clips. There is no handgun I can think of except for moon clips for revolvers that exist. A clip is a device that feeds ammunition into a firearm that usually has a magazine that cannot be removed. A magazine is a device that holds ammo inside the firearm, whether detachable or non-detachable. Clips are simply pieces of metal used to feed rounds into a gun or magazine.

    • Craig Morris

      You sir, are wrong! A magazine is an informational soft cover style book where you can read stories about hand guns and their clips!!

  • Joseph Christiano

    The gun laws are over zealous. In most large cities like Chicago the gun laws do not protect the innocent. Let any adult that has gone through proper training have the right to carry a gun. Both in public and private places. The life they save my be your own….Sure, it will take some time for all the idiots to shoot one another, but once they figure out that the people in the car or at a place of business or just sitting on the porch might have a gun, they will think twice before deciding if it’s worth it to pull out their gun to rob or assault someone. And as for limiting the size of the clip. Only the bad guys will have them. And someday that could include anybody who want to control us. Happy Fathers Day

  • Ben Barber

    this is why the second amendment is for to protect your home and family if it is taken away no one will be able to leave there homes not knowing that your family have something to protect them while your may not want a gun in your house but it is something that intruders have to think about .if all the guns got taken away intruders would not have to worry,
    it would be like taking candy from a baby and no one would feel safe

  • Helen

    Politically, I’m middle – of – road to Liberal. I’m glad that father took care of his daughter! I would have gotten my .380 out myself! I may be liberal on social issues, but I also support the NRA.

  • me

    So close to obtaining a perfect score too. 1 and 2/3rds is not bad though. There is always the chance it will turn in to a 2 while he is at the hospital. It would have been far worse had the family not had a firearm let alone be alert as they were.

  • Matt W

    Someone needs to send mom to shooting lessons. If she had been shooting straighter, they would have been two for two.

    It’s a starat I guess. Good for dad.

  • Michael Nettrour

    Many of you don’t understand weapons. A civilian AR-15 is semi-automatic. One shot at a time. The military version the M4 (formerly M-16) will fire full automatic and you could belt feed it 100 rds. That is an assault weapon. The AR-15 Semiautomatic is not an assault weapon. The problem we are having with guns is a character problem, not a gun problem. In China they kill school children with knives and scissors. We need mandatory gun training and profiling to keep guns away from crazies. Gun grabbing did not work for Canada, or Austraila. (PS neither did government controlled health care). Taking guns from law abiding citizens has made no society safer. (Ask Jews who survived Hitler) ask Cambodians who survived Phol Pot , Koreans during Japanese conquest. Taking guns is the first step toward evil, and totalitarian control.

    • Clint Raley

      The M4 and still operable M16-A4, at least in the Marine Corps, are semi auto. They both have single fire and burst options, not full auto. Both are considered assault rifles. My personal AR-15 for home defense is considered a assault rifle as well!

    • Brian

      When I was in the Marine Corps, it was the M16 A2 service rifle which was not fully automatic, it was semi automatic with a 3 round burst, don’t know what they use today, 1996-2000

      • Clint Raley

        I’m currently in the Marines and we have the M4 and the updated M16A4. Both are semiautomatic. Michael doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Semper Fi

  • Stephanie Hanks

    Were that my husband–I would never have been so proud of him–I applaud that man and his wife–I am the proud mother of three beautiful girls and I rest easy knowing that if the situation ever arose at my house I wouldn’t be the only one to pull a trigger to insure my babies safety. And I’m willing to bet that the girl got a big helping of remembrance that daddy is her hero and maybe there’s a reason for strict rules.

  • angie

    The man did the right thing. I know I would of done the same for my daughter’s, and wouldn’t of thought twice about it. The sad truth is however, is that man might be convicted of murder. Our fucked up government will find a reason to make him look guilty. Even though as parents ourselves know he did do the right thing and should be considered a freaking hero for saving his little girl.

  • zaptoman

    You have GOT to be fricking kidding me.
    Weapons in the hands of the citizenry are essential to preserve freedom. Otherwise the government will do whatever it wants. Look at every single dictatorship, they always start by collecting guns. You’re right. Americans don’t need assault rifles. We need BIGGER guns.

  • Guido

    I’m happy this happened and congratulate father! although if arms would be banned from civil life it would have been even better. to start, we wouldn’t have been talking about this.

    • ryzee

      You are an idiot.. thats like saying if drugs were illegal people wouldnt be getting high. I hope you dont breed

  • Bobby D.

    Great story. iI do not care if the newies called it a clip or magazine, the important thing is this father defened his family! Good job dad! Next round of ammo is on me. We need more stories for the proper use of weapons for defense of our homes. I can not applaud the dad enough!

  • Missy

    Soooo let me get this straight someone needs to be injured to defend there family and home? Ya I don’t think so!

  • Wolf Larsen

    ok time for some education folks! a “clip” is a piece of metal that holds ammunition to speed reloading of a magazine, clips DO NOT fit into weapons, Magazines do. You cannot fire ammunition out of a clip, you can only use it to reload the “magazine” of said weapon whether it is removable (AR-15, M-16, pistol, or otherwise) look up stripper clips for a picture example. There are also things called “moon clips” for revolvers, which again HOLD the ammo for ease of loading a weapon with NO magazine. if you think a clip is the same as a magazine, you’re not fit to own a weapon. Furthermore there is no such thing as an actual classification of “Assault rifle” and no, AR does not stand for “assault rife” it stands for Armalite Rifle. “Assault Rifle” is a media created term for any “scary” or “military style” repeating rifle, just so it can further instill fear into the ignorant masses who some of you are clearly defining yourselves to be, and for further information in order for any firearm to have 3 round burst capability, it must first be fully automatic. 3 round burst is a feature put on fully automatic weapons as a means to limit expenditure of ammunition, and aid in the individuals ability to manage that weapon, because there are very few people who can actually manage a fully automatic firearm’s continuous recoil and stay on target. reading the comments on this article truly shows how ignorant some people are, you need to educate yourselves before you post stuff that makes you look as ignorant as fienstein. if you doubt any of this comment, or have any doubts of my knowledge on this topic, I dare you to bring it to me personally.

  • packerbacker

    problem with al of you liberals claiming you are ok with guns for personal protection still vote liberal which means you are voting to take guns away from honest citizens.

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