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Police identify victim in fatal High Point wreck

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High Point police are investigating a fatal crash reported on South Main Street near the Sonic restaurant on Saturday afternoon.

Crews investigating a fatal crash on S. Main Street near the Sonic restaurant on Saturday afternoon. (WGHP)

High Point police are investigating a fatal crash reported on South Main Street near the Sonic restaurant on Saturday afternoon.

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Police said one woman is dead after a car and a truck collided Saturday afternoon in High Point.

Police said it happened near the intersection of South College Drive and South Main Street near the Sonic restaurant shortly after 2 p.m. The victim has been identified as 53-year-old Nancy Cole.

Police said a 59-year-old man driving a 2007 Ford Ranger northeast on South College Drive ran a red light while suffering a medical condition.

The Ford Ranger collided with a 1990 Camry driven by a 59-year-old female was headed southeast on South Main Street.

Cole was a passenger in the Camry. Police said she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Three other victims were taken to the High Point Regional Medical Center with injuries ranging from minor to serious, according to High Point police. A 15-year-old passenger was also reportedly in the Ranger.

Police said the driver of the Ranger will be charged with running a red light, but not in the death of the victim.


  • Suzie Dillon Collins

    The vehicles involved should NOT be shown until families are notified!!!!! We know by the tarp over the blue car that is who died in the crash…Imagine being the mother, wife, child, father, etc of the person who drives that car and scrolling through facebook and seeing that!!!! Prayers to the families involved

  • Eric

    R.I.P. Ms. Nancy. She was friends with my mother, very sweet woman. Prayers go out to her family

  • Kris

    I thought this was a one way street? I am pretty sure t is and there is no stoo light before the crash except for the curve 3 blocks behind the crash. One vehicle seems to be going the wrong way and yet no one is charged?????? Wow!!!

  • Sinner

    I would want to verify that medical condition issue ! Still should not get a pass on killing someone !

      • sinner 3

        I was referring to a legal aspect toward a suit ! Anyone that likely to pass out at the wheel is just a loaded gun waiting to go off ! If you want to be just a smartase asehole fell free !! Your dealing with the right guy !

    • Natassja Phillips

      I’m not saying I do not agree with you, that person you are talking about that should not get a pass is my stepfather, the doctors reported to my mother that he had blacked out at the wheel due to low count blood sugar because he wasn’t getting enough nutrients from eating the right foods, he is a diabetic. The 15 year old passenger is my younger brother with autism, he is lucky to still be alive because he was wearing his seat belt. I honestly feel terrible about what happen to that dear poor woman Nancy Cole and many prayers to her family that are going through the sorrow of losing her. I understand you are angry, I’m angry and scared, I could have lost my brother, my stepfather could have been killed too, please try not to judge too harshly, lots of thoughts are going through my mind and heart about everything that has happen.

      • Connie

        Praying for your family Sweetie and the family of Ms. Cole.
        Don’t let people on this site get under your skin. They don’t know the situation nor the families. You just take care of your family.

      • Shannon

        The woman driving is my mother. She lost her best friend, Nancy. My mother will be fine.. Pelvic, rib fractures and a c7 vertebrae fracture.

  • ahayes

    oh wow God is very real and I prayer will ease the pain in this womans families hearts and give them comfort in their time of sorrow…….

  • Stacyann Strouse

    I was there on after the crash. I was the first person to reach the vehicle Nancy tried so hard to hang on. Please continue to pray for this beautiful womans family. I prayed over her and talked to her to keep her responsive I am so sorry to all involved.

  • cj

    if you knew the area you would know this is a one way at this interection it is a very bad interection i live right around the corner and go thru it alot. market center/ college dr is a very dangerous road and cant believe this is the first bad accident to happen there. i have had a few close calls myself. also if you pay attention to any accidents that is shown on here they usually will not say someone name on here before some one next of kin has been told of the death! my prayers go out to the family and im sorry for their lost.

    • natphil30lilly

      My mother is familair with the area of College Drive, turning left and seeing the Sonic fast food place, she has just never gotten into an accident there at that location, but my mother has been involved in several car accidents by other drivers at the wheel, just not as one as this happening with the Nancy Coles woman, my 15 year old autistic brother, and my stepfather who was behind the wheel that blacked out causing the accident due to low blood sugar because he is a diabetic.

  • lizm

    If GOD was there, wouldn’t “HE” have prevented all this from happening? god….please!!!!!!!

  • noname

    God said no man know the day time or hour. My heart goes out to the family’s God makes no mistakes he is very much real if you believe in him. I pray that God keeps all of you during this time. Truly time is winding down and this should be a wakeup call for us all to get your life in order.

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