Thief steals cell phone, posts selfies on victim’s Facebook page

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O’FALLON, Ill. (KTVI) — Alicia Warren and Sandy Barbee are upset over the loss of a cell phone — and it’s all linked to a selfie posted on Facebook.

UPDATE 6:30 p.m. — Police say the stolen phone has been returned to its owner, KTVI reports.

Barbee was shopping for work supplies at Sam’s Club on Tuesday night when she went to the bathroom, washed her hands and discovered her iPhone 5 was missing.

A few hours later, a selfie of an unknown woman showed up on Sandy’s Facebook page along with a vulgar post.

“She’s posting pictures on my Facebook page,” Barbee said.

The post was so outrageous, Barbee’s daughter shared it with hundreds of people online hoping to identify the woman.

“Why would you post your picture on someone else’s Facebook page? If you steal someone’s phone and take some pictures of yourself, we now know who you are and what you look like,” said Warren.

The family then called the phone and received a wild response.

“A girl used four letter words and said ‘If you want your phone, you better give me money,'” said Barbee.

Police are now investigating.

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    • sally jane

      What difference does it make where the phone was?????? Bottom line is, it didn’t belong to the person that took!!!!! I sure hope they find her and she is punished for stealing the phone.

    • april

      Does it matter where the phone was? You don’t steal and if you do you certainly shouldn’t post photos on th victims Facebook page or demand money for the return of the phone.

  • laffinatcha

    She mustang had her Obamaphone privileges revoked. That or she’s just a typical thief: SCHTUPID…

  • Lisa

    To all IPhones users……the best app you could ever download is the “Find my Iphone” App. When I misplace my phone or my iPad, all I have to do is go to my computer or someone else’s Apple product and type in my Apple ID and Password and it shows me where it is on a map. Love it! ❤️

  • Brandi

    Kelly, you are just as big of an IDIOT as the girl who stole the phone. The smartest business decision that Sam’s made was to accept food stamps. For you to imply that theft is a result of someone who is a recipient is just MEAN! Let me answer this for you, because I know it is coming…. No, I do not receive government assistance.

  • Lynne

    I agree with Lisa. The Find my iphone app was the first thing I downloaded on my girls and my own phone. Also got the family map plan and I can locate either of my kids within a few feet of where they are. Since my oldest is in college in SC and we live in NC it makes me feel better when she is traveling back and forth to be able to tell where she is.

    • H

      Ewww… you are tracking your college-aged child’s comings and goings in another state? Poor thing; I know she can’t wait to graduate and make enough money to get her own phone.

      • michellefgriggs

        “H” – Apparently you are not a parent of a teen/young adult driver or u would understand the sense of security u receive when u know where they are on the road. It is indeed a safety feature, not just a tracking device! Especially if u have a kid traveling across state lines to go back and forth to school. Not every parent feels the need to spy on their child, believe it or not! I bet Heather Elvis’ parents wished their daughter had an iPhone on her when she went missing from SC last year so they could have used it to locate her. Unfortunately they are now just hoping to find her lifeless body. Don’t know the case? Hmmm, shocker. Uneducated peeps really should keep silly comments to themselves.

      • H

        Michelle G. – I have three children, two of which drive; I absolutely understand the desire to know where they are and that they are safe. My oldest is a sophomore in college and I respect her enough not to spy on her even though I worry. There was no such thing as a mobile phone when I was in college and my parents lived without knowing where I was every minute of every day and I will live through it, too. Also, I do believe they found Heather Elvis’ phone inside her abandoned car. A lot of good that did her or her parents. She went out to meet Mr. Moorer after 3am so I seriously doubt her parents would have been tracking their GROWN daughter’s whereabouts at that time of night, anyway. The poor girl was likely already dead before anyone even realized she was missing so a tracking device on her phone sitting in an empty car would have done absolutely nothing to change what happened to her. You should watch who you’re calling uneducated; I think the word you were looking for several times in your stupid comment is ‘you’ – not ‘u’. ‘U’ is not a word. I guess peeps like YOU don’t know that.

      • GR

        I do it to and it came in handy when my out of state kid asked me to see where her droid was. She found it. Also when traveling if she us lost or in heavy traffic she has called to ask for alternative route options. It is a helpful tool. College kids do their thing and parents know that. Tracking is a helpful tool!

    • whatthehellokitty

      It’s a free phone with 250 free minutes. But you can only get it if you receive gov assistance

      • Curious

        The Lifeline program which provided free or discounted telephone service for the less fortunate began in 1984 under the Reagan administration. Of course, then it was for home telephone service only, in case any of the commenters here aren’t intelligent enough to realize that. The program was expanded in 1996 under the Clinton administration to include more consumers in more areas of the country, and cell phone service under this program began in 2008 during the administration of George W. Bush. So, you see, the program had long been in place before Obama ever took office. There is no such thing as an “Obamaphone”.

    • RPGIII

      I would rather get a free phone & I dont think Clinton Reagan Bush would have released the top 5 taliban members for a scumbag ditching his post. Anyone who still likes Osama/ Obama needs to live in the caves in Afghanistan and leave this great country. Stu-pid

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