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First Lady Michelle Obama to speak at Maya Angelou’s memorial service on Saturday

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First Lady Michelle Obama will speak at Maya Angelou's memorial service at Wake Forest University on Saturday.

Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post and MSNBC confirmed the news on Thursday afternoon.

FOX8 will carry the memorial service live on FOX8 and The event begins at 10 a.m. on Saturday and is expected to last at least two hours.

The service will be closed to the public.

The award-winning author, renowned poet and civil rights activist died last week in her Winston-Salem home. She was 86. She had been reportedly battling health problems.

Angelou’s family will be planning additional celebrations of her life in other cities across the country, according to Wake Forest.


  • ReddyNeck!

    Who really cares that the first lady (sarcasm) will speak. I am sure Maya would not have agreed with her speaking, but oh well. Instead, she should start looking for a place to live since her useless husband is about to be booted out of the White House finally!!!!

    • ReddyNeck!

      Once the Administration digs deeper and figures out that Obama is only here to help Al Qaeda get into US soil easier than ever before, he will hopefully get banned from the US for life. Then his idiotic wife will no longer be able to speak publicly and lie like her disgusted husband we have voted into this office. Shame on you Obama voters! He is a shameful, lieing, cheating, manipulating, good for nothing President. Worst of the worst by far and whoever disagrees, name one guy who lied and went behind everybodys backs to get things done! Not one! Impeach this terrorist!

      • ncnarrator

        You mean, other than Bush? Oh, and Clinton. And then there was the other Bush. And let’s not forget Reagan. Oh yeah, and there was Carter…

        Hmm…but there is SOMETHING that makes those guys different from President Obama. It’s not political affiliation, because we’ve pretty much only ever had the two. It can’t be gender, because they’re all guys – some of them more blatant about it than others. It can’t be religion because most of them didn’t really spend much time in a church while they were in office. Let me see…I’m sure it’ll come to me…it’s right there on the tip of my tongue. Don’t you hate when something REALLY obvious just skips right out of your head? *for the more clueless among us, please note the heavy use of sarcasm*

      • FaithC

        So if people don’t like Obama and useless wife they are a raciest? It could not be because he is the worst president in years, has no respect for our military and is destroying this country. His wife is nothing but a money spending pig who also has no respect for our military or country.

  • j

    Just because obama is a horrible president dosent mean people are racist,maybe the ones screaming racist are the real racist. Our military does not like obama he is a joke these other leaders just laugh at him

  • Ken

    don’t ya’ll even worry or get your drawer’s in a wad..BECAUSE …..guess who the Next president of the United States is????? President Hillary Clinton !!!! let me repeat… President Hillary Clinton !!! Now..get a load of that !!!

  • Bo Diddley

    I’m sure this is just a stopover as our Queen heads to her next vacation destination on the taxpayer dime.

  • Curious

    That’s messed up, Fox8. Unnecessary censorship by a news organization – that’s really nice. Do you just like to keep the Obamaphone myth alive? For what reason?

  • Hungry Hippo

    Hey Hatter…let me guess, your a welfare recipient living off Obama’s handouts while all of us are forced to work for a living while you continue to wait on free handouts and spend your kids food stamps on luxury items or sell them to the loser down on MLK? Am I close to right, I believe so….go sell June’s food stamp card and get some rims on that caprice since you curbed the last set leaving that party. Enjoy your handouts while you can because this will eventually stop once this useless president is out of office!

    • Hatter

      No, you redneck buffoon, I have worked and paid my own way since I was 19 years old. I have been working for many years now helping to educate our children (God help us all, with people like you having children!), a job with only decent pay but enough to pay my bills, and with great benefits, and I am not now, nor have I ever been, in need of government assistance.

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