Parents, school employees speak at GCS budget public hearing

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. - Parents and teachers are tired of cutting back. If Guilford County Schools doesn't get more money from county commissioners they will be forced to make more cuts.

The Guilford County school system is asking county commissioners for $30 million. In the proposed budget, the county only has $6 set aside for the school system.

School officials have said to make up the $24 million shortfall they would have to cut 35 teachers, 333 teaching assistants and have even bigger class sizes.

It was standing room only at Thursday's commissioners' meeting. Parents, teachers and principals tried to convince commissioners for more money.

"We know your budget decisions are very difficult. We get it. We're teachers, we know how to stretch a dollar," said Jan Armstrong, a parent and teacher.
"We only have a certain amount of money to spend. Our job is to find the best ways to do that and to do it the right way. Education is always going to be a priority for us," said Ray Trapp, a Guilford County Commissioner.

Commissioners are set to vote on the budget later on this month.



  • Bo Diddley

    Just give us vouchers so we can go to private schools and get quality educations for our kids!

  • its my business

    Where’s all that lottery money going? They hyped it as funding for educationl purposes. I dont play the lottery, but I heard it was to bring in millions directed at NC education.

  • Sinner 3

    The lottery money should be accounted,the amount GCS receives should be an easy question to answer ! Once again people get side tracked and fail to ask the right questions ! Moe knows about the reserve funds and other money that he will not release !

  • S

    Links to annual reports and GCS budget are not working on the school system web site nor can I find the proposed 2014-15 budget for the public to view. I’ve yet to find a news story about these budget “cuts” that links to a copy of the proposed budget for the public to review. On another site I did find the 2011-2012 GSC per pupil expenditure was over $10,000. Perhaps those concerned about “cuts” should look closer at how current funds are being spent.

  • looky

    The best high school level education is in the private sector.I would rather spend my cash on my children at that time then worry about 40K a year for college.Get them a high level education through out their time in school !

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