1 dead, 3 injured in Seattle Pacific University shooting, suspected shooter in custody

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SEATTLE — At least four people are believed to have been shot Thursday afternoon on the campus of Seattle Pacific University.

Seattle police said there were a total of four victims. One person was killed, Harborview Medical Center confirmed to KCPQ. Police said one person is  in critical condition and two people are in stable condition.

The campus was placed on lockdown. That lockdown has since been lifted.

The shots were first reported at 3rd Avenue West and West Nickerson by the Seattle Police Department at about 3:30 p.m., KCPQ reports.

Officers have one suspect in custody.


  • its my business

    Our system has to step up to the plate and incur harsher punishments for these campus shootings. Scare the copycatters severly from acting out on these crimes. These weekly, monthly, and sometimes it seems almost daily tragedies, need to stop. I don’t have the answers – but when I was going to colege, I never had to look over my shoulder. Kids nowadays in college must have some sort of fear as they travel off to class. Like I said, I wish I had the answers. Stiffer punishments, regardless whether anyone dies or not. Life in prison if convicted, no rules barred.???

  • Michael

    But how is that possible it’s a gun free zone! So how’s hiding behind those gun free zone signs working out for you?

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