Winston-Salem police release photos of 24 ‘unidentified subjects’ sought in crimes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — On Tuesday, the Winston-Salem Police Department released photos of 24  “unidentified subjects” sought in connection with several crimes in Forsyth County.

If you recognize any of the following person(s), please call The Winston Salem Police Departments Crime Stoppers at 336-727-2800 and refer to report number listed below the photo.

Editor’s note: These images were created and distributed by the Winston-Salem Police Department. All photos and captions are to be attributed to WSPD.

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  • Joshua

    #1416650 was a friend of ours. The photo may be the last one taken of him while he was living. His name was Adam Wilson Holder, and it’s believed he took his own life in the woods behind Forsyth Hospital around April 6th and wasn’t found until April 21st. Don’t bother reporting it to WSPD, I already did before posting this. Seeing this is like him coming back to “hi, I’m OK” one last time. =(

    • Tberryjack

      Hi Joshua: Sorry to hear about your friend, but I’m afraid that if this is the kind of life he was living it wouldn’t be him saying that he is now OK, it would be just the opposite. If you’re living like it sounds like he was, please change your life now, before it’s too late. Again, I’m sorry for you and him…

      • kabl

        TBERRYJACK, you aren’t sorry. So why be a liar and say you are sorry? Where is your honesty, Mr. Do Good? Do you even know the person that you are referring too and his guilt in the incident? What a useless and hurtful comment you made. I don’t know the man in the picture, the person who made the comment, or you and I think you need to check yourself before you make deliberate and hurtful comments. Then you lie and say that you are sorry for someone’s loss. You Sir, in my opinion, might as well go and be a criminal yourself. I have less respect for someone like you.

  • janet smalls

    #1423527 looks alot like Shamonica Ingram & Bria Glenn “Bre Gotti”on facebook to be exact

  • gboman

    The two males pictured attempted to sale items taken from a house breaking? Really?
    Let’s hope that the detectives looking for these perps are smarter than the WSPD caption writer.

  • Ron Ben G.

    And u folks naming people. .. will get ur friends doors kicked in as they smoke a blunt wondering why TF are police rearranging they place for no reason…the shown pictures will not hold up in court people running they mouth will get a few lawyers paid. ..Please believe if the cops are using shown pictures their guess is as good as the color-blind-racist or yours

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