One dead after car crashes into Randolph Co. bridge at high rate of speed

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Credit: WGHP

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — One person is dead after a fiery single-vehicle crash in Randolph County early Tuesday morning.

N.C. Highway Patrol troopers say the crash happened just around 1:15 a.m. on Old N.C. 49  in the Farmer community.

According to troopers, the red Ford Mustang was traveling northeast on Old N.C. 49, ran off the road to the right, hit the end of a bridge rail and burst into flames.

Officials say the victim and car were burned beyond recognition.

The identity of the sole occupant of the vehicle will not be released until an autopsy is completed, according to Sgt. G.R. Catherwood with the N.C. Highway Patrol.

Catherwood said speed seemed to be a factor. Estimated speed at point of impact was 100 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to troopers.




  • FaithC

    So sorry to read someone is dead, but it could have been prevented. Just because you can drive at 100mph does not mean you should.
    Pictures like this one are what they need to show students in drivers ed. I am sure it will upset them and parents would complain, but it may keep their child alive.

    • Hi-Power

      Fath, a group of Public Safety workers have put together a program called VIP for a VIP that addresses just such issues. They go to high schools all over the state. It is an excellent program.

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if they know this accident was intentional. That it was a suicide. I happen to know the driver personally..

  • The realsinner

    Maybe he dropped his cig. or spilt what ever he was drinking !! At an honest 100mph only takes tenths of a second to leave the road !!

  • bevvv

    this guy was my friend for more than 25 years, he was getting married soon, had two grown kids, he loved going fast and loved his mustang. as sad as the situation is at least he went doing what he loved no matter how careless his decision was. please keep his family and friends in prayer

    • OlderFella

      I’m sorry that you lost a friend of 25 years, but you do not seem troubled by his death. You write: “…at least he went doing what he loved no matter how careless his decision was.” Are you kidding me??! How dare you excuse away extremely dangerous behavior! What if this person killed another family driving in the opposite direction? Would you feel the same way? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

      • Justmy2cents

        I don’t believe she was excusing the behavior. Maybe that was just for lack of better terms…
        everyone wants to “go doing what they love”

        Praying for this mans family and friends

      • bevvv

        Im not excusing his behavior and how dare you say im not troubled by my friends death. If he wasn’t alone on that road he never would have done that and I know this bc I know him. Everyone wants to go doing what they love, surrounded by loved ones, in their sleep or however. That’s all I meant by my statement dont pick crap apart you know nothing about

  • greeneyes

    All you people need to keep the rude comments to yourselves. People make bad choices all the time. And if this were your father,brother,uncle,cousin,son or whichever would you like to be the one sitting here reading the nasty things people are saying. I think not you would be upset. This man was amazing he had lots of love for his family and friends. So before you point fingers picture yourselves in this situation.

  • noneofyourbizz

    you guys with your negative comments are idiots…his family is going thru a very hard time rite now…only close family and friends know what really happened and when it comes out on the news your going to feel small…so unless your going to say something positive to his family dont say anything at all

  • Nona Vinson

    I know him and his wife and children my husband work with him at leggett &platt for many years he say that he was a good man when i coming today he told me that he got kill this morning cold chills went throught my body i said no way may god bless you all my pray and through are with you all

    • greeneyes

      And why would you post that. It’s not anyone’s business what it was. Don’t care if he was your neighbor or not. Until a story is confirmed keep rumors to yourself.

  • Lisa Isom Hollifield

    No matter the reason for his death, he was a human being with family who loved him dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with the ones he left behind, especially his parents and children. May God give you peace, strength and comfort during this most difficult time.

  • LilBit88

    I don’t know this person but I feel so sorry for his family….god speed to you and to your family may God heal your broken hearts….

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