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Jailed Lexington man faces charges after allegedly receiving drugs through mail

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Christopher Matthews and Alesha Roxanne Johnson

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — An incarcerated Lexington man is facing additional charges after deputies say the prisoner tried to received drugs in the mail.

Deputies at the Davidson County Jail say they intercepted the mail and found a Suboxone strip in an envelope addressed to Christopher Matthews.

Matthews, 25, of 398 Trantham Drive, is charged with attempted possession of a controlled substance on jail/prison grounds.

Alesha Roxanne Johnson, 29, also of 398 Trantham Drive, faces charges for aiding and abetting possession of a controlled substance on jail/prison grounds, according to a press release.

Matthews was given an additional $2,500 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 24.


  • amanda

    Well if they would give the correct meds in jail for people then they wouldnt be sending it. They know they lock people up and they been living in the real world and you cant just up and stop some drugs or you go through terrible withdraws but the jail dont give them nothing withdraws and kill some people depends how much of which drug or drugs they were taking together. It makes no sense they charge inmates 10 just to see the nurse but yet they have insurance they should take in jail most people going to jail dont have money to be wasting to see a nurse when you have medicaid that means you low or no incomes. Davidson couty make no sense in the ways they do the inmates here there are people not dogs in cages like they treat them.

    • Sinner 3

      Guy on another story was just bragging about what a great county you have there Amanda.Now whom is doing the lying here are maybe he he meant if you weren’t a low life convict !!

  • mandy

    if you knew him then you wouldn’t say that….he is in there to get off the drugs not to get more!!!!! and what he got is what he is addicted too….not good people he is always doing something.

  • a man

    Amanda you are an idiot. He is in jail and probably due to drugs, and you think they should administer drugs once he is there? I mean why stop there? Why not order pizza delivery on the tax payers dime as well. After all, the food they serve probably isnt 4 star gourmet caliber either. Geez people!

    • Amanda

      Everything aint left to tax papers when the people go to court and convicted then they have restitution and other fee that they have to pay that includes time while staying in jail, lawyer and court fees and if they get probation then they are on it until they get it all paid so no just because people are in jail dont mean tax payers are paying for it all. And just because someone goes to jail dont mean they lose there medicaid if they aint in there longer than 30 days they get to keep it.

  • Leann

    They should not be on medicaid if the should go to jail they do not need the norcotics in jail so they could posdibly get clean

  • Angela Hill

    I know someone in that jail, and he been bragging bout how people sending in suboxone strips underneath the stamp on the envelope, and it’s selling inside the jail for like $40.

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