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Woman to receive life-saving kidney donation from ex-fiancé

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PETALUMA, Calif. — A 35-year-old California woman will receive a life-saving kidney transplant from an unexpected person: her ex-fiancé.

KTVU reports that Sabrina Timms will undergo surgery at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center on Tuesday thanks to her ex-fiancé, Daniel Burdick.

“I go to dialysis with people who have been waiting eight to 15 years,” Timms told KTVU. She only had to wait a year and a half to find a match.

Timms’ father and uncle were both tested, but neither were a match.

“It’s very rare to find a perfect match,” Timms said.

Timms and Burdick were engaged eight years ago, but broke it off. She explained that Burdick wanted to pursue a career in music while she wanted to settle down. The two still co-parent their daughter, Hope, and Timms’ daughter from another relationship.

Now Burdick will put his pursuit of playing music on hold again. He was to tour this summer. Instead, he is donating a kidney.

“That’s the important part you know, just make sure that she’s good,” Burdick said. “Music can come later. It never dies. It’s gonna be in the heart.”

Timms and Burdick say they hope their story will spur others to get tested to be live organ donors. For more information, visit


  • Christinafaye

    This is a beautiful story and very inspiring!!! It’s proof that true love NEVER dies!!! This couple may not have been meant to stay together but in no way does that mean they can’t continue to love and care for one another and always be there to help in any way they can!!!

  • Charles

    Bless your heart! I hope it went well for you! You are being looked out in life, it shows you have a meaning to be here. Make sure to embrace it! And I’m so glad you found the match.

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