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Two Wisc. 12-year-olds accused of plotting to kill friend had ‘interest’ in death, horror stories

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Credit: WITI

WAUKESHA, Wisc. — Police say two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls being held on attempted homicide charges for their alleged role in the stabbing of a 12-year-old girl had an interest in death and horror stories, according to WITI.

On Saturday, the two suspects allegedly lured the victim into a wooded area where one suspect held the victim down while the other suspect stabbed the victim 19 times. The victim suffered stab wounds to her arm, legs and torso, according to WITI.

The victim crawled out of the woods where she was found by a bicyclist. She was rushed to the hospital for her injuries.

Police told WITI the two suspects had “an interest in a website which is a collection of small stories about death and horror.”

Police said it is believed that the two girls had planned to kill the victim for several months prior to this incident.

The girls are being held on charges of attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

The suspects were located a short time later.

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  • Danielle Mammano

    The implication that an interest in horror stories causes people to murder is ridiculous. I am a MASSIVE horror fan; I’ve seen as many movies in the genre as I can, I read all the creepy stuff (HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, etc) – I will never kill anybody outside of self defense. These girls are psychopaths, that’s the end of it. Correlation is NOT causation. People who love horror love it because it gets their adrenaline pumping – if anything we suffer from phobophilia (the love of being terrified). Please address the actual facts instead of trying to explain their actions away with “Oh, well, they love horror and stories about death so that’s why”.

    Were the girls trustworthy around animals? Did they enjoy hurting pets, did a pet ever mysteriously die in the home? Is the family pet avoidant of the girls? Is the family pet TERRIFIED of the girls? THESE are the questions you should be asking because those are the telltale signs of a serial killer. Of the many signs of a killer, “enjoyment of horror” is not one of those signs.

    My favorite genre of horror movie is paranormal/possession. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna go run off an conjure a demon. Give me a break.

    • Daniel

      I wholeheartedly agree. I too am a huge horror movie fan. Stories about Cthulhu and CHUD, etc… never once did I want to harm someone because of them.

    • SBD

      Thank u! I’m so tired of that age old excuse of ‘they did it bc of horror movies/stories’ I’m the same as u. I have watched and read all sorts new and old and NEVER once have I wanted to hurt, let alone kill anybody or anything. Heck I feel bad for killing fly (just stay outside and you’ll be fine!)… So yes I agree with you on this!

    • Karen

      I agree with you. I am also a big fan of the horror genre and even read a few that hinted at the occult, but that doesn’t mean I go off summoning demons or planning murders in my free time. There is a difference between fantasy and reality.
      Obviously these girls didn’t get the memo.

  • Jessica

    I too love horror movies and stories since I was a very small child and have never had any inclination to premeditate a murder..I even started writing scary stuff before ever watching any horror movie.I was 9 and my first was An American Werewolf in London.It was a few years before that I started writing little scary short stories.And to blame watching a specific type of genre is purely speculative..A murderer has a predisposition to murder..They don’t need to read stories or watch movies to want to do it…They are sick from the start…

  • Don

    Unless schools are outside all known laws of the universe… God is there. Just like God is everywhere all the time, I can pray without your permission anywhere I’d like at anytime.

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