Tenn. woman under fire after attaching baby to her wedding dress

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.  — A Tennessee bride is under fire after she attached her 1-month-old daughter to the train of her wedding dress.

Shona Carter-Brooks, who lives in Jackson, Miss., certainly turned heads during her wedding ceremony. While most of her guests seemed to appreciate the unusual way she incorporated her daughter in her wedding, not everyone was so complimentary.

She apparently received some negative feedback on social media.

“Our 1-month-old was awake and well secured on my train. Most important, while y’all got ya feelings in us, we had our hearts in Christ which covers all!!” the woman wrote on Facebook.

Shona’s sister told WREG the baby was placed on the train, a photo was taken and the baby was picked up. She said the child was not dragged down the aisle on the train.


  • Anne

    Why is this being made into such a big deal? She had her train altered so that her baby fit snugly onto it with no chance of rolling off. Safety issues were taken into consideration and followed through on. She isn’t being dragged on the floor in unsanitary conditions, she’s riding on her mother’s brand new, CLEAN wedding dress train. How many of you have put a blanket on your carpet out in your living room to change your baby’s diaper? I, myself, wouldn’t do what she did, but kudos to her for creativity.

  • Stormy

    This is very telling and symbolic of what black women have turned into. And very symbollic of
    how they prioritize their children and men. After all of their ratchet parenting, a man comes
    first, and the children usually end up in life, LEFT BEHIND AND AT THE BOTTOM. This picture says it all of their backwards thinking. But WHY? smh.
    It is going to take whoever these women will listen to(if there are such people) to tell them what is right. If it is her man and the father( *rolls eye back and forth in rainbow motion *) then he should have told her this was the wrong. Why is it always black women who are always trying to operate out of the normal and ordinary. A train has to stay on track or it will CRASH. HELLO? Sometimes in society, ordinary and normal is the thing to do to keep from looking backward and crazy. Why don’t they understand logic? But as the mother stated “she doesn’t care”. Well, we can SEE that she just don’t care. But that doesn’t make her look good , which she was obviously trying to do, look good. That’s whats wrong with a lot of these females. They just don’t care, but the first to try and be in the limelight thinking people are ok with this mess. If only the people they listen to would tell them the truth about themselves.

  • Rita B.

    Vera Wang company says its not one of their gowns, so if she’ll lie about that what else will she lie about?

    • Keisha

      Do you really think though that with all the negative attention she got that they’d actually put claim to the dress?

  • Hatter

    That is one of the most stupid things I have ever seen in my life. Of course, if you read the woman’s Facebook posts it becomes even more clear that she is, in fact, not very bright.

  • paris mcclinton

    you people need to stop being judge mental and they went before god in his place he is the only one who can judge mind yall business and worry about the issues that matter.

  • Jason Nunyabusiness

    Maybe she wanted her daughter to be a Page at her wedding and carry her train, but because of her age instead of carrying it she put her ON the train….being underage and travelling alone on that train, she should have been accompanied by a train attendant…

  • Rub

    You foolish man and woman, whose baby it that anyway, the father I mean. Your comments are worded stupid and you seems to be also. Read how you place your words on line or are you un-educated as it seems.

  • sinner 3

    Damm is that any way to treat that monthly check coming in with the EBT and rent money and that free medciade !

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