Teen girl sent text message just before deadly NC crash, according to troopers

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MONROE, N.C. — Officials said a 17-year-old North Carolina girl was killed after her Jeep went off the side of the road and flipped over.

Troopers told WBTV that Samantha Ann Windham was partially ejected in the crash Sunday night in Monroe.

Authorities said the teenager sent a text message just before the crash and had just left a Monroe pizza restaurant.

Windham was a high school senior and was less than two weeks away from graduation. Troopers said she was not wearing a seatbelt.


  • Jay

    My heart aches and my prayers go out to her family and friends, but why are we doing this again a month after a similar tragic accident. Please, please wear your seatbelts and don’t text and drive. Bless her soul.

    • damon

      Hey jay she went to porter ridge high school my school is right beside hers the middle school I heard she was nice.

  • JWS

    This is nothing new or surprising. I see people young and old doing this deadly practice all the time out on the highways and city streets. The question is when will the state of North Carolina get serious about stopping this dangerous and deadly behavior? Maybe when the cell phones companies stop the lobbying and campaign donations so the politicians can get reelected. How about a $1000.00 fine and five points on your driving record?

    • Julie

      I agree with you, JWS. It’s not just teens texting & driving. It’s a tragedy when anyone loses their life due to texting & driving, but it’s especially sad right here as graduation is on the horizon for so many. Thoughts and prayers go out to this young lady’s family and friends. I’ve seen where people on cell phones are just as dangerous, along with those listening to books on tape. If you are absorbed in a conversation or listening to a book, you aren’t giving your attention to driving. Yes, I do talk on my cell phone occasionally when I drive, however, I keep checking my mirror to see if I’m holding up traffic (like lots of cell phone users do). I do not text and drive and I definitely don’t listen to books on tape or have ear phones in

  • ilovemykids

    Such a tragedy that could have been prevented. Prayers for her family and friends…..people (all ages) should take note on how serious it is when you engage in “distracted driving”. Rather it’s talking on the phone, texting, eating, makeup…it is DANGEROUS! If you need to do any of those things, pull over or do it when you reach your destination. God bless this young lady.

  • Chucky

    What needs to happen is law makers need to make it mandatory that texting and other interactive activities on smart phones and other mobile devices be deactivated accept for voice control when the device is in motion above 5 mph (or any other speed). The technology is there.

  • T

    Irresponsible parenting to let your 17 year old take a cell phone with them. really think they aren’t going to text and drive?

    Well, that’s one less bad driver we have to worry about wrecking and actually killing us responsible people who AREN’T endangering anyone else’s life.

    Unrelated note: does it seriously bother NO ONE that the police have access to our personal, private text messages?

  • Concerned Parent/Family Friend

    T- let me tell you something buddy. I pray to God that you never loose anyone you love this way!! For the record, her mother has her phone and there were NO text messages sent prior to the wreck, some recieved but non responded to. I’m sorry you are so arragant and disrespect full. A family lost their 17 year old child, have you no heart at all? I pray that God touches your lost heart and pray that you never loose anyone to a car accident. Also, for the record she had amazing parents that provided her with a phone, as most parents do, so that she could use in the event that she needed to get in touch with her parents. So, again I will pray for your soul!

    • Mr. Perfect

      Concerned parent I think that you need to go back to school and learn to spell before you start throwing in your two cents. By the way, it’s spelled “arrogant”

  • Concerned Parent/Family Friend

    Thank you for correcting my errors! Please do the rest of us “tax payors” a favor and get a job. Maybe in the local newpaper they could use your skills.

  • motherofateenager


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