Raising NC teacher pay could cause education funding cuts

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The plan to increase teacher pay could cause major funding cuts to other areas in education.

The State Senate released a plan which would give teachers an 11.2 percent raise in exchange for giving up tenure.

In Winston-Salem/Forsyth County schools, close to 278 teacher assistant jobs would be cut along with 28 teacher positions.

The school district's transportation budget would also be slashed by $1.1 million.

"It looks like addition by subtraction," said Beverly Emory, superintendent of Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools.

"The need for those additional adults in our classrooms is critical," Emory said.

Senator Earline Parmon, who represents Forsyth County, says she doesn't support the proposal.

“Our local district is really going to be hurting, which means our students are going to suffer," said Parmon (D), District 32.

"I hope that there will be a compromise in this," Emory said.


  • Roger

    The State Senate plan is plain stupid. All they talk about is cutting funds for education. The teachers are need to educated our kids in school. But Breger and Tillis along with McCory wants to take away the teachers tenure. Why not take the senate and hosue tenrue away it would save the people on NORTH CAROLINA a lot of taxs. All they want to do is take away from the teachers and give all in Raliegh a big fat paycheck which is wrong.

  • JB

    Why are we bothering with the lottery and taxes? The people in charge cannot manage them anyway.
    JWS; What “good old boy networks?” If that’s the case, there are plenty of “good old girl networks as well.”

    • True Story...

      Just a thought about the “NC Education Lottery”. It was advertised as supporting education in NC and implied that it was supplemental. However, as soon as the lottery went into place, the budget was cut and replaced with revenue from the lottery. So it is not like we have all this extra money coming in. They should locate the money that was cut initially and put it back in the education budget.

  • Cyndi

    Don’t be mislead. This raise is NOT 11% for every teacher. Younger teachers would get none of this because they are getting a raise up to 33,000 anyway. And don’t forget- they do not have tenure yet anyway. Middle career teachers will begin to see increases (7-8%) as time continues. Teachers who are at 14-18 years will get 11%. Older teachers (20+ Years) will see 2-3%. Personally I would see 1.7% because I have taught more than 25 years. Nothing has been said about pay for teachers with advanced degrees. Berger and Tillis have been trying to undermine education and take away what educators work hard for everyday. We just want to make a comfortable living, provide for our families, and be able to put away something for retirement. We are not asking for a six-figure salary. Is this too much to ask? DO NOT SUPPORT THIS PLAN!

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