Should Pfafftown change name to Luckytown, USA?

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PFAFFTOWN, N.C. -- Should the Pfafftown community change its name to Luckytown, U.S.A.?

For the fourth time in six years, someone from the community of about 10,000 residents has won the lottery.

"I wish I was one of those," said resident Linda Barham. "I think that God is blessing Pfafftown."

Lottery officials said Pfafftown resident Todd Adams bought the latest winning ticket Monday morning at the Stop & Save Citgo on Julian Place in Troutman.

Adams decided to try his luck on a $4,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular ticket and became the fourth person from the Forsyth County community to claim the prize, according to officials.

"I scratched it off and saw I had matched one of the winning numbers," Adams said. "I thought I may have won $20 or $40, so when I looked at it closer I did a couple of double takes. I got in the car and drove straight to Raleigh."

Winners of $1 million in the game have the option of claiming it in $50,000 payments as a 20-year annuity or a one-time lump sum of $600,000. Adams took the cash payment and received a check for $415,206 after state and federal taxes were withheld.

"I'm going to invest this money and use it to kick start my retirement," Adams said as he collected his winnings. "I'm going to make it last and be smart about it. And I may take a nice beach trip later this month."

Two of the community winners bought their winning scratch off tickets at the Four Brothers Food Store on Yadkinville Road in Pfafftown.

"I think it's cool to put Pfafftown on the map," said Suzanne Hanna, a customer at the Four Brothers Food Store. "Makes me want to go buy a ticket and maybe fly to Vegas and see if that works for me."


  • mergatroyd

    So he won a million? NEVER does anyone get as much as the stated amount. Any banker will tell you that $50K per year for 20 years is MUCH less than a million dollars (the time value of money). So the lottery is just a lie from official sources.

  • Donniebrick

    Man quit hating you would love to have to make that decision on rather to take lump sum or payments.. Rather it adds up over time or not

  • bradp

    it’s 400K+ more than he had when he woke up that morning….nothing to complain about…it’s not some evil plot by “official sources” as you make it sound. If you expected to walk away with $1M if you scratched and won $1M…then you sir (mergatroyd) are delusional.

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