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Davidson Co. neighbors hope string of robberies snapped by standoff arrests

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Lockdowns at Ledford High and Friendship Elementary were lifted just before 1 p.m. Thursday after four break-in suspects were arrested nearby.

The break-in was reported in the 1500 block of John Green Road around 10:15 a.m.

Davidson County deputies responded and kept all four suspects inside the house. Initially, deputies were not sure if all four suspects were in the home, prompting the lockdowns. They were also worried about the burglary suspects having access to guns in the home.

“We shut [the schools] down just as a precaution,” said Sheriff David Grice.

No burglary suspects ever left the property or made it onto school grounds.

Neighbors were kept away from their homes for close to three hours until all four suspects could be coaxed out.

“I was sick to my stomach. I was nauseous, I was extremely nervous,” said Midgie Craver about the standoff and not knowing if her house had been burglarized as well.

Craver was one of many neighbors who told FOX8 that the neighborhood north of the high school towards Wallburg had been targeted by burglars over the last few weeks.

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office could not provide statistics on the number of break-ins recently but said the crimes prompted extra patrols in the area. That allowed deputies to arrive within two minutes of the initial call for help and prompted the standoff.

Grice gave credit to some alert people in the neighborhood. He added that even though four people were caught and a vehicle matching the description of a car at other break-ins was found, neighbors should still remain vigilant.

“We're encouraging anyone, if they see anything unusual in the neighborhood to go ahead and please call 911. Don't wait,” said Grice.

The sheriff’s office has yet to identify the four people they arrested other than to say they are from Winston-Salem.


  • CB

    HJHFGJFF – you are retarded…what does this have to do with the school? I’m sure wherever you are they are so glad you decided to grace them with your presence.

  • Stephen

    I say we all calm down and thank God the suspects are in custody and no students were harmed! Yay!

  • Tricky D

    WOW,Really? Hell you are all worse than them, there’s the grammar police, the judges, Get a life, ALL OF YOU

  • kayla

    Glad u stopped going to ledford too but u pro bay should have stayed a little long…has nothing to do with the school they locked down the his school AND elematary school too BC there was a HOME invasion DOWN THE ROAD an didn’t know I’d the four they had was all!!!!! Gezzzz

  • Dorothy rhew

    Ledford is not the problem you saying that’s why you are glad it’s these home beak ins . Thanks to the response of Davidson police and sheriff dept. having this lock down and arrest where other schools district don’t even catch there’s we are thankful

    • MilkAndWookiees

      It’s not a tank. It’s an M706 Commando, produced by Textron Marine & Land Systems, USA. It’s classified as a Light Armored Car, so it’s actually no more than you see everyday driven by Security Officers transporting monetary cargo for Brinks or Dunbar or Garda.

  • Sinner

    Lot of military type equipment and weapons for a damm break in standoff ! What did the homeowners have RPGS are something !

  • Becky

    Show their faces already! Let the entire community know who has been breaking into 4-5 homes every day for the last month or so.

  • Keeter

    Why are people upset when criminals are caught and school kids and adults safely protected. That is our tax dollars at work in one of the best counties in the triad for education and safety. If you dont like the way we get it done move back to NJ or DC, Boston etc. Put up or go live with all your meth heads and crack dealers and pimps.

  • Sinner 3

    Bunch of Winston trash, coming into Davidson County, messing with all the real nice folks there !!

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